We understand that Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has different requirements and objectives to that of Key Stage 1 and 2 and therefore we have designed a programme to cater for the needs of the youngest people in school.

Unlike the key stage 1 & 2 programme, the EYFS is designed to be run in the childrens' normal environment by the teachers and staff that know them best.  This is intended to make them feel most comfortable and to allow for the maximum potential learning.

The programme is broken down into small sections, using different areas of the classroom, equipment and activities to keep the children engaged.  Each section lasts for approximately ten minutes and could be run in succession or over the course of a few days, whatever suits the group.  The mini lessons help support the EYFS teaching guidance outlined in the Development Matters material.  

Everything you need is available to download or equipment is easy to get hold of at very little cost. 

To help with the delivery of the activities, please find attached a template risk assessment for you to complete.

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