iNEXT Legacy

w-NEXT Chilled Water Close Control System

High precision air conditioners are ideal for applications where high sensible cooling and close control of temperature and humidity are required. The w-NEXT chilled water range incorporates the latest EC plug fan(s), advanced controls software and an increased coil area resulting in the highest efficiency.

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Multi Density with Variable Refrigerant Flow VRF

Multi Density with Variable Refrigerant Flow [VRF]

Mitsubishi Electric’s new Multi Density systems combine the efficiency, quality and simplicity of City Multi VRF, with high performance close coupled cooling solutions for high density data rooms.

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NR-FC-Z Air Cooled Chiller

Specifically designed to operate with high water temperatures (supply set-point up to 24°C) and a high DELTA T (up to 11°C), the NR-FC-Z delivers substantial energy savings in modern data centres. The free cooling hydraulic equipment allows the unit to utilise outside air to meet the cooling capacity.

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