WizardX v3

WizardX - G07 E-OU Air Handling Unit

The Climaveneta WizardX Air Handling Units (AHU's) utilise a combination of Mr Slim R32 Power Inverter heat pump technology, energy efficient thermal wheel heat recovery technology, and an integrated control system.

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s AIRME G07 HR P C Air Handling Unit Transparent

s-AIRME-G07 HR-P C Air Handling Unit

The Mitsubishi Electric AIRME Compact Air Handling Units (AHU's) utilise a frameless structure to achieve a line-up of units that are as compact as possible, maximising air tightness and improving thermal properties.

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Features of Air Handling Units

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Energy Efficient

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Heat Recovery Technology

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Delivers Fresh, Clean air

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Humidity Monitoring

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If you are looking for help with your air handling unit check out our Find An Installer page and get in touch with one of our trusted installer and technician partners.

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Our Diamond Quality Partners undergo external auditing to ensure they are maintaining the high standards of installation that is synonymous with Mitsubishi Electric

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Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric Air Handling Units?

Founded in 1921, we are a global, market leading environmental technologies manufacturer. We provide solutions that heat, cool, ventilate and control buildings in some of the most energy efficient ways possible.

Our AHU’s efficiently deliver fresh, clean air whilst removing stale air, to help ensure an optimal environment in your building.


Frequently asked questions

What is an Air Handling Unit?

An air handling unit is used to condition and distribute air to specified areas of a building via ductwork.

How does an Air Handling Unit work?

Air Handling Units work by taking the outside air, filtering it and reconditioning it then resupplying that air into a building.

They often serve a specified area of a building, such as office spaces, specific floors and bathrooms, so it is common to find multiple Air Handling Units for one building.

Where can an Air Handling Unit be used?

Air handling units are best used in medium to large commercial and industrial applications.

Where can Air Handling Units be placed?

Air Handling Units are often placed on the roof of the building, but can also be placed in the basement.