Homeowner Guarantee Explained

The Mitsubishi Electric Homeowner Guarantee for our Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) products means that you can be assured that during the guarantee period the claim process will be hassle free in the unlikely event of any components supplied by Mitsubishi Electric failing.

Our Homeowner Guarantee is dependent on the product(s) being registered within 3 months of them being installed and commissioned – you can find ​out more about registering your Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) homeowner ​guarantee in the terms and conditions below. The length of our Homeowner Guarantee depends on what product is registered and in some cases who has supplied and fitted it, in any case if registered the guarantee period will not be less than three years.

Homeowner Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

Homeowner Guarantee Terms and Conditions

This guarantee applies only to residential Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (“MVHR”) units, and associated interfacing equipment, supplied by Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. UK Branch ("Mitsubishi Electric") and purchased from Mitsubishi Electric Europe or an approved wholesaler, value added reseller, or merchant and installed and commissioned by either:

(i) a Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Residential Lossnay Installer (ARLI) (ARLI’s participate in Mitsubishi Electric's Partner Programme for installers); 


(ii) a standard account holder installer not participating in Mitsubishi Electric's Partner Programme (SAH). 

You can check your proposed installer's status by calling us on 0161 866 6064. Your installer's status affects the period of this guarantee - please see the table below. 

This guarantee does not apply to a consumer who self-installs or commissions any product. 

This guarantee applies only to Lossnay MVHR’s with the following product codes:

  • VL-250CZPVU-R-E
  • VL-250CZPVU-L-E
  • VL-350CZPVU-R-E
  • VL-350CZPVU-L-E
  • VL-500CZPVU-R-E
  • VL-500CZPVU-L-E

Mitsubishi Electric guarantees to the home owner ("you") that for the relevant period of guarantee commencing from the date of commissioning of the Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay MVHR and associated equipment supplied by Mitsubishi Electric (the "Product") will:

- conform to Mitsubishi Electric's specification; and

- be free from defects in design, materials and workmanship; subject to the conditions set out below. 



  • The guarantee is CONDITIONAL upon your registering the guarantee with Mitsubishi Electric within 3 months from date of commissioning. Failure to register will limit the guarantee to 12 months from the date of commissioning. 
  • For a valid guarantee registration, the period of Mitsubishi Electric's guarantee depends upon your installer's status with Mitsubishi Electric and the relevant Product:




Lossnay MVHR

7 years

5 years

Interface Equipment

3 years

3 years


Please note the conditions set out exclusions to guarantee. 

Please read the Conditions for full details. Exclusions extend to matters such as:

  • all ductwork and connections and any non-Mitsubishi Electric ancillary equipment as may be connected to the Product (for example, any third party control interface);
  • any fault due to incorrect application of the Product by your installer or your system designer (for example, failure to specify a correctly sized MVHR to meet your requirements).
  • any consumable items within the product such as filters

This guarantee means that Mitsubishi Electric will take responsibility for the cost of guarantee service of a Product so that the Product shall conform to Mitsubishi Electric's specification. 

Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right, at its discretion, to replace a Product or major component where Mitsubishi Electric considers this to be beyond economic repair. 



In the event of a breakdown during the guarantee period, please contact your installer. 

ARLI Installations:

Provided your installer is a Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Residential Lossnay Installer (see (i) above), Mitsubishi Electric will co-ordinate with your installer for the installer to conduct guarantee services. 

Your installer may contact Mitsubishi Electric to verify Product registration status and to check that the Product is within the guarantee period before attending your home. If the installer is unable to rectify a Product fault then the installer will contact Mitsubishi Electric. We will then respond directly. 

If your installer is no longer a Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Residential Lossnay Installer, Mitsubishi Electric will respond to any valid guarantee claim directly. 


SAH installations / unknown or uncontactable installers:

If your installer is an SAH or you don't know who installed the Product or cannot locate your installer then please contact our After Sales Technical Support Team directly: 

Tel: 0161 866 6064

email: LEShomeowner@meuk.mee.com

and our team will manage the conduct of guarantee services. When contacted, Mitsubishi Electric will verify Product registration status, check that the Product is within the guarantee period and identify the original installer. 

If an SAH installed the Product or your installer cannot be traced, Mitsubishi Electric will respond to any valid guarantee claim directly. 



Date and time for guarantee service attendance at your home will be as agreed with you in advance. 

Mitsubishi Electric does not accept any liability for your time in waiting for a service engineer's arrival and in remaining present at your home during the conduct of services. Mitsubishi Electric does not accept any liability for any costs of alternative ventilation systems as may be used by you or cost of any alternative accommodation taken by you pending the completion of any guarantee services. 

Guarantee servicing is free of charge to you for any parts and labour, subject to all the guarantee conditions having been met. Your installer is not authorised to invoice you for any Mitsubishi Electric guarantee services. 


Please read these conditions before registering your Product and before seeking any guarantee service support from your installer. 

  1. IMPORTANT: Mitsubishi Electric's guarantee is subject to the home owner registering with Mitsubishi Electric within 3 months of commissioning to confirm: 
  • Product Installation Details; and 
  • details of the installer; and 
  • providing other registration data as set out on the registration form.


  1. The Product must be installed and commissioned by either:
  • a Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Residential Lossnay Installer, or
  • a Standard Account Holder.
  1. To register, you must complete the registration form online at https://les.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/homeowners/register-lossnay-guarantee
  2. If you do not register the product within 3 months from date of commissioning then Mitsubishi Electric's guarantee is limited to twelve months from the date of commissioning. 
  3. Any guarantee claim must be raised within the guarantee period. 
  4. The Product must be maintained in line with manufacturer’s guidelines and intervals.
  5. Mitsubishi Electric will take ownership of any exchanged product or component. 
  6. Mitsubishi Electric will not be liable for any fault or costs of repair resulting from:
  • incorrect installation, incorrect application, inadequate commissioning or failure to commission; 
  • lack of regular maintenance or neglect;
  • accidental damage, malicious damage, misuse, any alteration or tampering with a Product, any inappropriate previous repair by a person not approved by Mitsubishi Electric or where the damage has been caused during maintenance servicing by any third party; 
  • failure to use for normal domestic purposes.
  1. Faults and any associated costs arising due to lack of power, neglect of filter maintenance, inadequate insulation of condensate drainage and ductwork, and insufficient cooker hood grease filtration are not covered by this guarantee. 
  2. Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to inspect the Product at your home before proceeding with any guarantee repair or replacement.
  3. Any valid guarantee claim or guarantee service by Mitsubishi Electric does not extend the original period of this guarantee. 
  4. This guarantee applies only to the original installation address. This guarantee is valid only for a product installed in a home in Great Britain (i.e. England, Scotland or Wales). (Mitsubishi Electric operates in other EEA territories but has only national service support for this product configuration). 
  5. Mitsubishi Electric shall make final determination as to the validity of any guarantee claim. 
  6. Where there is "No Fault Found" in your Product or your guarantee claim is rejected in accordance with these conditions, Mitsubishi Electric shall be entitled to charge you all reasonable costs incurred by your installer or Mitsubishi Electric in attending your home.
  7. Mitsubishi Electric (and any Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Residential Lossnay Installer or other Mitsubishi Electric service contractor supporting guarantee services) shall not be liable by this guarantee for:
  • Any consequential loss, any loss of profits, revenues or receipts howsoever arising from any non-conformity or defect affecting the Product or from any delay in repair or replacement of the Product; 
  • Any loss or damage caused by delay in the conduct of services or supply of parts required to rectify the non-conformity or defect (provided Mitsubishi Electric will use all reasonable efforts to ensure services are performed on a timely basis); 
  • For delay caused by any matter beyond Mitsubishi Electric's reasonable control; 
  • For repair or replacement of any Product consumables. 
  1. Mitsubishi Electric recommends that you enter into a maintenance service agreement with an Accredited Residential Lossnay Installer, (see above), a suitably qualified competent maintenance services provider or with Mitsubishi Electric directly. However, Mitsubishi Electric is not responsible for:
  • the costs of any maintenance servicing;
  • any service attendance by any third party service provider and/or any unauthorised repair or replacement. 
  1. Mitsubishi Electric shall not be liable by this guarantee for any charges levied by an installer or any third party for any other services provided by that installer or third party. Mitsubishi Electric will not reimburse for any such charge. 
  2. The table for Guarantee period, Guarantee claims procedure and terms for any Guarantee Service visit and other terms and instructions set out in this document all apply as conditions to guarantee. 
  3. You may transfer this guarantee only to the new owner of the home. 
  4. Data protection: by completing the registration form, you consent to Mitsubishi Electric holding and using those details for all purposes directly related to the administration and conduct of guarantee services. Apart from this necessary usage, your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties by Mitsubishi Electric. 

Other ways to register

Register your Lossnay MVHR by phone

If you would rather call us to register your guarantee then that’s no problem, we can be reached on 0161 866 6064 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding English public holidays).

We ask for your phone number so we can contact you if we need to.

We will not share it or use it for any other purposes.

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Personal data protection: please see Condition 20 to the Homeowner guarantee and our Privacy Policy for information regarding your data protection rights, how to raise a complaint and how to contact us, how your personal information is used and shared, and our transmission of your personal data outside UK/EEA to other Mitsubishi Electric group companies and agents and contractors as required to administer your guarantee registration and for the conduct of guarantee services.

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