The need for change

In the face of the challenges we face from climate change, fuel security and fuel affordability, the way we consume energy in our buildings is undergoing probably the greatest transition since the move from solid fuel to gas. This change towards an electric economy touches all those involved in the development, renovation and operation of all building stock.

Offshore Wind Farm

The new way of thinking

Regulations as well as the imperative to change for the better to achieve the goals of being Net Zero and more circular in how we develop new and refurbish existing buildings poses a huge challenge for all involved in this vital industry sector. New technologies and new ways of thinking are needed if we are to meet these challenges

Building being refurbished

Our guiding principles

Changing behaviour – through debate and increased understanding of the crucial issues we face – is the ultimate goal of Green Gateway. Guided by five core principles, it provides us with a compass for the way we do business.

  • Doing the right thing
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing carbon
  • Promoting renewables
  • The way we do business
Guiding Principles

The need for dialogue

To make this happen, people in all areas of the sector – from construction through to renovation - need to change the way they think and work together. Open, inclusive, collaborative dialogue will be key to finding the solutions to make a difference.

People meeting over coffee

Do the right thing

At Mitsubishi Electric, this means a more collaborative approach to applying solutions to all buildings based on a principle of ‘doing the right thing’ – ensuring optimum efficiency, achieving real carbon reduction and, where possible, employing renewable energy sources.

Hatfiled Office

It is not just technology, but strategic thinking about its application in the built environment that has to change, and Green Gateway is central to this approach for Mitsubishi Electric.

Chairman Rolton Group,
Strategic Renewable Energy Advisors