Resi Lossnay VL CZPVU RL E

VL-CZPVU-R/L-E - Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit

The residential Lossnay range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units create an environment of constant clean and healthy air at home.

- Ultra quiet
- Cloud control
- Easy filtration of pollutants
- Full summer bypass function

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Air conditioning unit for the wall

VL-100(E)U5-E - Wall Mounted Ventilation Unit

The Lossnay VL-100(E)U5-E wall mounted ventilation units supply fresh air inside a room using simultaneous supply and extract operation in an energy efficient manner.

- Effective fresh air ventilation for improved air quality
-Lossnay paper core enables total heat exchange (sensible and latent) to achieve higher levels of heat recovery, resulting in both cost and energy savings
- Simple and easy 2 pipe Installation
- Optional extension pipe kit and joint available

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Why install Mitsubishi Electric?

Innovative market leaders

As market leader, Mitsubishi Electric prides itself in delivering innovative, high performance and competitive systems with low running costs and emissions. Our versatile product range is driven by advanced technology and designed specifically with customers in mind.

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Trusted Partners

Our range of Partners includes Diamond Quality Partners (DQP), Business Solutions Partners (BSP) and Accredited Installers (AI). With our BSP & DQP Partners, extended warranties can be offered of up to 10 years and your clients can be assured of an excellent standard of aftercare. Click the link below to find your local installer today and get in touch.

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Frequently asked questions.

How does a home ventilation system work and what are the benefits?

Residential ventilation systems remove stale air from within your home and replace it with clean, filtered air from the outside.

What are the benefits of a home ventilation system?

Installing a home ventilation system will help to improve the indoor air quality, by removing pollutants, viruses, allergens and excess moisture from the air, resulting in healthier living conditions. Additionally, some of these systems can enhance energy efficiency by recovering heat from outgoing air, reducing your carbon footprint and saving on heating and cooling costs. They can also help to provide a more consistent airflow throughout the property, resulting in reduced risk of mould and mildew growth.

How to install home ventilation systems?

If you are interested in having a residential ventilation system installed in your home, please use our find an installer for the contact details of your nearest installer, who will be able to assist with everything from design, installation and maintenance.