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Live well

Air conditioning can help to regulate the temperate of your living space. By combining an impressively low power consumption with quiet yet powerful performance, and an aesthetically appealing design, there's no better way to stay cool at home than with our M Series air conditioning range. 

Our M-Series range can heat as well as cool, making it the perfect solution for year round comfort in your garden office, studio or gym.

With four fully controllable ranges available, there is an air conditioning system to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

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Our home air conditioning range

Work well

Working from home doesn't have to mean working in uncomfortable temperatures. Take a look at our popular M Series air conditioning range, and find the perfect system to help replicate your usual office environment.

From the MSZ-LN to the MSZ-HR, our complete range offers low power consumption, powerful performance and is the perfect solution for your home office, whatever your budget may be. 

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Sleep well

Comfortable and efficient cooling at night in your bedroom ensures a good night's sleep. The Mitsubishi Electric range of popular M Series wall mounted air conditioning units with low noise levels can provide the constant comfort you need day and night. 

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MSZ LN in bedroom

Stay well

Air conditioning systems at home make for healthier spaces by improving air quality for asthma and hay fever suffers. They also make your home more comfortable by reducing the humidity and moisture levels, especially during the spring and summer months.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems allow for advance climate control and with dual barrier coatings and Plasma Quad Plus technology, dust accumulation is eliminated and microscopic particles are filtered from the air. 

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You could benefit from

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Extremely quiet operation

Consistent low noise levels, especially at night

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Cost effective cooling

Low cost and easy to operate with Wi-Fi controls


An energy efficient system

A+++ models for cost effective and reliable comfort


Stylish wall mounted units

Slimline systems in a variety of colours

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Intuitive controls

Easy to use controls make controlling your climate simple

Cooling and heating in your home

With the demand for living room cooling on the rise, Mitsubishi Electric M Series range is the ideal solution. A compact design and multiple colour options, means our Wall Mounted units provide the aesthetic appeal that you are looking for.

MSZ LN in lounge

Whether you want your air conditioning to blend in or stand out, there is a perfect M Series unit to suit every kitchen design preference.

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Get the controllable comfort of your real office in your home office and, with Wi-Fi control, you can even set the ideal temperature before you get up.

MSZ LN in office

Hot in the summer and cold in the winter it can be difficult to keep your conservatory at an optimal temperature all year round. 

Compact enough to fit on limited wall space, a stylish unit from the Mitsubishi Electric M Series range means you can enjoy year-round use of your extra space, with comfort cooling in the summer and affordable heating in the winter. 

You're not alone if you're struggling to sleep due to the heat, but our popular M Series air conditioning units can provide the constant comfort you need to stay comfortable day and night. 

MSZ LN in bedroom

Our M Series air conditioning systems combine powerful performance with low noise levels. A perfect solution for those looking for a comfortable environment, and a popular choice for converted lofts, allowing expert temperature control in the warmer months for a great night's sleep.

Whether you have built your own garden room or just extended your home space to account for a new way of working, our advanced range of stylish units will keep you warm or cool whatever the weather.

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