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Frequently asked questions

What are chillers used for?

Chillers are used to maintain a constant temperature level using outside air and water. This means they both cool and heat.

What are the different types of chillers?

There are various types of industrial chiller units, some of which are listed below:

  • Centrifugal chiller
  • Air-cooled chiller
  • Water-cooled chiller
  • Evaporative condensed chillers
  • Heat recovery chiller

Where are chillers placed on site?

Chillers are usually placed on the roof due to space constraints however sometimes they can be placed at ground level such as in a plant area in a car park.

Where are chillers commonly used?

Chillers are often used in medium to large sized commercial applications, they are commonly used in industrial applications for process cooling purposes.

What is process cooling?

Process cooling can be defined as the removal of unwanted heat from a process.

Removal of the unwanted heat is often necessary to ensure the process continues in a safe, efficient and reliable manner.

Process cooling can be seen in use often on production lines and manufacturing.