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Ben Bartle-Ross looks at how installers can access the information they need when out and about.

We’ve recently taken delivery of our latest product catalogue and at 379 pages, it is quite a weighty item, as it contains details on our complete range of Air Conditioning, Chillers, Heating, Ventilation and Controls.

It is highly unlikely that this will ever leave the offices of installers, designers and consultants, and it is not really intended to be taken ‘out on the road’ but what about all the technical manuals, product sheets, list of fault codes, etc. etc. that we and other manufacturers produce?

As an installer, do you find yourself filling your van with all the individual manuals you need for each job? Or have you found an easier way to get hold of the essential information you need when you’re on a job?

Do you for example, have to rely on phoning a technical helpdesk for an answer when having access to a relevant technical manual could be quicker and more straightforward?

Are you a die-hard traditionalist that always needs to see something in print?

Ben Bartle-Ross Technical Trainer

In these days of smart phones, it is easy to access things over the Cloud and that is why we have been developing a variety of Apps helping access all of the technical and product information that anyone will need when installing, commissioning or maintaining any of our systems.

As a manufacturer, one of the key Apps that we have developed is called ‘ME Engineer’ which delivers quick access to service manuals, error codes and details on spares.  It also has a QR Code section allowing you to scan the QR Code on the actual product to access the right information.

So sophisticated, online tools are available but whether it’s in the form of a smart App, or a pdf document, do you miss the option of being able to scribble your own notes or doodle around relevant diagrams?

From my point of view, I think we are still in a period where manufacturers still need to offer the three main support options for installers: 1) paper versions; 2) a telephone helpdesk; 3) Online Apps and tools.

However, we are rapidly heading for the day when manufacturers simply don’t produce any hard paper copies anymore.

So are you ready, or are you a die-hard traditionalist that always needs to see something in print?


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