Frequently Asked Questions

How does air conditioning work?

Air conditioning works by extracting the hot and humid air from within a room or building and then returns the cooled air back into that space to provide a comfortable environment for the occupants.

Can I use air conditioning in my home?

Yes. Air conditioning is becoming increasingly popular within the residential sector, especially as we start to see hotter summers. Air conditioning systems are especially popular in home offices and garden rooms to keep us cool while we continue to work from home.

What air conditioning system is best for my premises?

This depends on the size of your premises. If you have a single room you would like to heat & cool such as in your home, then we can recommend our M-Series split system. Our City Multi VRF and Hybrid VRF range are suited to larger commercial applications such as hotels and large offices.

Can I heat my building with air conditioning?

Yes. Air conditioning systems can also be used to heat your space, making air conditioning a versatile system that can be used all year round.