What is Hybrid VRF?

Hybrid VRF is an air conditioning system for large scale applications. It’s a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the Hybrid Brand Controller (HBC) and indoor units,

HVRF is a quick, easy and flexible to design and install using the same control and network as VRF systems. The decentralised system means phased installation is possible with the same high levels of seasonal efficiency expected with VRF.

Hybrid VRF provides comfortable and stable air temperature control without refrigerant in occupied spaces; removing the need for leak detection.

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Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric City Multi HVRF

Wide range of connectable indoor units

The system can be expanded by using a combination of Sub-HBC boxes, allowing up to 50 indoor units, from ducted, ceiling cassette, floor mounted or wall mounted types to be supplied by one outdoor condenser.

Flexible application options

Air Source YNW (22-56kW) - Using the latest City Multi VRF YNW technology, including an aluminium heat exchanger, reduced weight and improved seasonal efficiency.

Water Source YLM (22-56kW) - Ideal where outdoor space is limited, building heat recovery and efficiency is demanded and a water loop is is available.

High sensible cooling and stable room temperatures

Typically 10% increase in sensible cooling vs standard VRF Provides a gradual rate of change of temperature within the
air conditioned space, delivering a comfortable and stable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Hybrid VRF system work?

City Multi Hybrid VRF is a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) and indoor units. You can install and design it as VRF whilst enjoying the features of a Chiller system.

What is an HBC Controller?

A Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) makes simultaneous heating and cooling possible. They are available as a 6, 8 or 16 port model. Valves, pumps and the heat exchanger are all contained with the Main-HBC allowing for phased, manageable installation – ideal for CAT A to CAT B applications.