Utilising energy in the built environment

Sustainability and energy efficiency are at the forefront of global concerns, so reducing energy consumption in buildings has become imperative for both environmental conservation and economic optimisation.  
At Mitsubishi Electric we are committed to revolutionising the way we utilise energy in the built environment. With an unwavering dedication to innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and a vision for a more sustainable future, we create solutions that not only reduce energy consumption in buildings but also enhance overall comfort, productivity, and well-being. 
The Mitsubishi Electric Ask ME campaign provides a framework to demonstrate our complete HVAC solutions, to tell the story of our industry expertise and support, and celebrate our dedicated team and the trusted relationships they build with our customers and partners.

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Why and how to reduce energy consumption in your building

Why reduce energy consumption?

Reducing energy consumption is of paramount importance in our modern world, driven by the pressing need to address both environmental and economic challenges. Energy conservation not only mitigates the depletion of finite natural resources but also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, playing a pivotal role in combating climate change.

As a global manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has a responsibility to reduce the negative impacts of our business on the environment. Our Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 presents our long-term environmental planning, and we have set emissions reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

We’ve set a target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions in the entire value chain by 2050 and a reduction from factories and offices of 50% or more (compared to 2013) by 2030. 
Find out more about this pledge on our sustainability hub.

Our sustainable product range

Sustainability stands as the central pillar of Mitsubishi Electric's product development philosophy. Within buildings, services like air conditioning, ventilation, and heating often constitute substantial energy consumers. Our primary objective is to offer products that minimize energy consumption, diminish carbon emissions from buildings, and empower customers to harness renewable technologies most effectively.

View our sustainable products below, or see which product is suitable for you depending on which type of business you work in by checking out our applications by sector page.

Why choose Mitsubishi Electric products?

Market leading energy efficient products

Efficiency is built-in to our entire range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems in order to ensure year-round energy ecient comfort. Climate change and rising fuel costs are major challenges confronting business. As the biggest consumers of energy, we believe that buildings must be part of the solution and aim to provide the right solution for your business and your building.

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Our climate pledge

Mitsubishi Electric has set a target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions in the entire value chain by 2050 and a reduction from factories and offices of 50% or more (compared to 2013) by 2030.

Read our environmental sustainability vision 2025

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Mitsubishi Electric installer partner programme

We can help you find a trusted installer to offer advice on system design, installation, technical support and maintenance throughout the system's lifecycle. Our Partner levels include Diamond Quality Partners (DQP), Business Solution Partners (BSP) and Accredited Installers (AI) who can oer warranties of up to 7 to 10 years. 

Read more about our Installer Partner Programme

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Legislation & technology

We help make sense of legislation by providing training, education and guidance across all industry relevant legislation including F-Gas, ESOS, BREEAM to name but a few. We run CPD’s on the key issues affecting the built environment and can help with design and selection of the right equipment for your building.

Explore CPD training

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How Ask ME can help you further

The Mitsubishi Electric Ask ME campaign provides a framework to demonstrate our complete HVAC solutions, telling the story of our industry expertise and support. Let us also advise you on how to reduce energy consumption of buildings as well as how we can help installers grow their business.


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Mitsubishi Electric is a world-leading supplier of energy efficient equipment that will cool, heat, ventilate and control buildings.

We supply not only the equipment but continued support throughout the lifecycle of all products whether that is in commercial and industrial properties or homes.

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Mitsubishi Electric has a vast product range that includes VRF air conditioning and chillers. Our Product Catalogue has our complete range of current products, including technical specification, so for more information please download this.

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Or if you would like a simple overview of our product range and suitable applications, please download our Product Application infographic.

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Mitsubishi Electric offers solutions that deliver the quality and excellence you would expect from a world-leading supplier. We can support you every step of the way whether pre-sales design and specification, installation and commissioning, or service and maintenance, right through to recycling.

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