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Russell Jones explores some of the recent changes to The Hub and explains why we want your feedback

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Hub you may have noticed that we now have a new homepage which features a selection of our Editor Picks and a section showing the Most Read articles.

In the building services industry there are a wide variety of issues affecting those who specify, design, build and live, work or play in new and existing buildings.

These issues are often communicated via changing regulations, new legislations, updated strategies and insightful reports released by the Government, government bodies and intergovernmental organisations like the United Nations.

When these changes happen we, along with our external editors, try to ensure we cover the topics from a variety of angles to help you apply it to your thinking – whether that be as a building service professional, HVAC installer, a homeowner or a mixture of them all.

Our new Most Read section allows you and us to see which of these topics are most popular, so we can capture the zeitgeist of the current construction climate.

So right now, what are the most read topics and why?


3 of our 5 most read articles relate to MEES which is hardly surprising as this makes it illegal to let a commercial property that does not meet minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES).

These standards come into effect on April Fools’ Day next year but they are no joke for buildings that don’t make higher than an F or G!

R32 Refrigerant

The other 2 of the 5 most read articles relate to the new refrigerant which is starting to make a real impact in the world of air conditioning. 

Again, this is not surprising especially if you have been tracking the rising price of R410A refrigerant.

Just below them

Bubbling under the ‘Top 5’ we have a number of articles focusing on humanity’s impact on the environment; Air Quality; the end of fossil fuel heating; and how retailers can benefit from an open door policy.

We’ve covered Game of Thrones and the weather patterns in Westeros; Love Island; Blade Runner; The Handmaid’s Tale and other popular trending topics, as well as seeking to tackle serious issues such as President Trump threatening to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

And now we would really like to hear from you.

The Hub is designed to be informative and raise issues and topics that are missed by the mainstream media or aren’t adequately covered elsewhere.

What should we be talking about?

Our central aim is to focus on issues affecting energy use in the built environment and future articles will continue to look at the legislation affecting the sector and highlight innovation and the new technologies that can make a difference.

The Hub also contains a seriously good search engine so it’s worth trying this out to see which of the almost 200 articles we have now built up relate to topics that interest you and your customers.

So, please let us know what you think and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading The Hub and will continue to visit us regularly. 

Russell Jones is Content and Communications Manager for Mitsubishi Electric, Living Environment Systems in the UK.