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The Hub went live on 2nd March as a free to access resource, offering thought-provoking pieces and helpful guides on topics relating to energy savings and the built environment. 

The Hub is essentially a blog aimed at informing, educating and entertaining anyone who is interested in their own personal energy savings, carbon emissions and environmental impact as well as professionals who work in building services, corporate end users and installers who fit HVAC systems.

So far we have talked about key legislation affecting buildings, new technologies and solutions, tips to reducing energy use at both work and home, and issues around fuel poverty.

The Hub is a way for us to connect to the wider world and discuss topics that not only affect our customers but everyone from homeowners and tenants, to corporations and councils, business professionals, plumbers, engineers, contractors and consultants.

Ellina Webb Marketing Specialist

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Ellina Webb is a Marketing Specialist at Mitsubishi Electric

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