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Stuart O’Neal looks at a more rounded approach to service and maintenance

There’s no getting away from the fact that managing buildings is increasingly complex. The technology within buildings is more advanced than ever.

This includes a growing trend to bringing data management and associated IT hardware in-house.

At the same time, clients in sectors such as offices are demanding higher levels of service delivery for increasingly choosy commercial tenants.

This approach to service and maintenance minimises downtime of crucial equipment such as chillers

Stuart Oneil Stuart O’Neal Business Development Manager for Service & Maintenance

A simplified approach

It’s no wonder then, that building owners want to simplify their approach to facilities management.

Over the past decade, outsourcing of FM has become the rule rather than the exception because building management and maintenance require specialist, technical know-how.

It’s difficult to cover all the areas of expertise required with an in-house team, so working with suppliers who can bring in the exact skills required when they’re needed is the practical solution.

Time saving benefits

Another important benefit of outsourcing FM requirements is the ability to reduce the number of supplier relationships.

Today’s busy building managers have less time than ever to coordinate multiple teams, so bundling services and dealing with fewer providers makes for a more effective approach.

At Mitsubishi Electric, experience has shown us that providing end-to-end service and maintenance solutions for clients also helps us become a valued partner for our customers.

We can not only design systems and supply equipment such as chillers, but we can install, commission and service the equipment too.

By working in this way, our clients gain the benefits of a long-term approach to service and maintenance.

This keeps their equipment at optimal performance and supports strategic goals such as energy management and carbon reduction.

A modern way of doing business

Many businesses are using ‘as-as-service’ approaches to areas such as IT and even office space.

The benefits are end-to-end support with easy set-up and the assurance of continued support from experts.

It is a modern way of doing business, and one that works equally well to service and maintenance.

Mitsubishi Electric’s expert service and maintenance team can keep products working efficiently and effectively.

We also provide bespoke maintenance packages to provide robust and reliable maintenance through the entire life-cycle of systems and equipment – regardless of equipment manufacturer.

What’s more, the end-to-end approach to service and maintenance minimises downtime of crucial equipment such as chillers.

Even small variations in temperature can cause failure in critical systems such as in-house data centres, for example.

Failures can result in data loss and significant upheaval.

Constant reassurance

The constant reassurance provided means that our team of maintenance engineers can do more than respond to problems, our team can help you anticipate them with planned preventative maintenance (PPM).

We can also harness remote monitoring technology for enabled equipment, through our MELCloud system. It provides live controls, scenes and weekly seasonal timers from a single device or location.

End-to-end service and maintenance is a solution that meets the needs of today’s commercial buildings and their owners. Harnessing technology to support efficient operation is central to our approach, but even more importantly, we believe that a long-term relationship with our clients is the best way to provide robust and reliable service.

Stuart O’Neil is Business Development Manager for Service & Maintenance