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Why building operators should think of service and maintenance from day one

Service and maintenance should not be an add-on that happens when building services equipment is already installed. It may sound odd, but at Mitsubishi Electric, we think service and maintenance starts from day one of an installation.

There’s no getting away from the fact that equipment such as chillers is an investment purchase. Whether it’s for a new-build project or a refurbishment, the budget must be spent wisely.

Modern chillers such as those offered by Mitsubishi Electric are high-performance machines that are designed to provide a long-life of energy efficient and reliable operation.

That’s why we believe service and maintenance begins with installation.

Our holistic approach starts at the point of installation, with a thorough inspection and appraisal of the system. Correct installation gives owners and operators the peace-of-mind that a chiller will start as it should go on.

Good maintenance practice can help reduce risk of failure

BrainBeetson Brian Beetson National Sales Manager – Service & Maintenance

Assisted commissioning

We also offer an assisted commissioning service, which demonstrates how to effectively commission our systems – air conditioning, controls, e-Series Chillers and Hybrid VRF.

The aim is to provide confidence that the knowledge is in your team to carry out these tasks unassisted in future.

Once installation and commissioning are completed successfully, the goal for service and maintenance is to optimise system performance in the long-term.

This means system diagnostic health checks. For Mitsubishi Electric, this means complete bi-annual system check-ups. We use diagnostic software to track refrigerant levels, and we can check that the maintenance procedures of any third party have been processed.

Data is vital

Information is vital for today’s facilities teams, so we also provide a full written report of our findings, and an online display of system performance. Mitsubishi Electric can also offer a remote monitoring service (see our blog on the benefits here LINK).

There is a direct link between a system that is well-maintained and operating at optimum efficiency and energy efficiency.

No matter how energy efficient a piece of building services equipment is designed to be, poor maintenance will reduce that efficiency and create unexpected operational costs for the building owners.

Minimising downtime

Another important aim for a holistic approach to system maintenance is to minimise downtime while optimising uptime. In some sectors, downtime is a business-critical issue. For example for data centres, a failing cooling system can lead to IT system failure. Good maintenance practice can help to reduce this risk.

HVAC equipment today is built to last, but it needs regular maintenance to do so.

What’s more, if left to its own devices, the equipment won’t necessarily develop faults but it will degrade. As it does, it can struggle – not only resulting in reduced performance, but also reaching its end-of-life sooner.

At Mitsubishi Electric we think that service and maintenance should be regarded as part of the overall specification of building services products. To purchase a chiller, for example, without considering its maintenance for the long-term, is a costly oversight.

Taking the holistic approach means that maintenance starts from day one, and lasts for the lifetime of the equipment.

Brian Beetson, National Sales Manager – Service & Maintenance