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What you learn in the classroom can be quickly forgotten when on site, so these videos serve as a useful reminder

I spent today filming more ‘How to’ videos for a host of our equipment.

Before you ask, no, I do not get my own ‘stars’ Winnebago or a make-up artist! And actually, all you really see of me most of the time is my hands as I touch the various parts of the controller to change settings.

The videos are really important though because they are designed to provide on-site help to engineers, who can watch a short film and remind themselves how to programme controllers, from individual wall-mounted room ones, to centralised, whole-building solutions that can link easily to other services.

I see hundreds of engineers each year as they attend the many training courses we offer and I know that once they have left the classroom, it might be weeks before they come across a controller that needs programming, so the videos have proved a really useful tool in making sure a system is set up correctly.

This is fundamental to running efficient equipment – whatever you are using

Ben Bartle Ross Ben Bartle-Ross Technical trainer

Praise indeed

We can see the thousands of people who have already watched the videos on our YouTube channel but it’s not often we get feedback, so I was delighted to have a really positive comment on a LinkedIn post the other day from Jacob Swei of SubCoolFM who said: “your walk through videos on youtube for operation on the AE200, are the best thing since sliced bread.”

Praise indeed from someone who sets such high standards of care in what he and his business do.

All about making it easier

As a manufacturer, we produce some fantastic equipment, which can be programmed to run the most efficient heating and cooling for almost any building.

But we also realise that not everyone knows the kit as well as we do, which is why we have produced scores of short videos explaining each simple step in setting up controllers to get the best out of the equipment.

And this is fundamental to running efficient equipment – whatever you are using.

Getting full control of the system so that it automates as much as possible to regulate temperature and energy use will maximise both efficiency and comfort, which has to be the ideal for any building.

Take back control

Once you realise that controllers are key to achieving the efficiency we all need, then it’s easy to see why we have decided to take the time and effort to produce these videos.

If we can make things easier, for engineers on site when they set up a system, or for facilities managers and their suppliers to keep things run efficiently, then we can all benefit from comfortable buildings that aren’t wasting energy.

Now that’s got to be worth a short video hasn’t it?

Ben Bartle-Ross is a technical trainer for Mitsubishi Electric