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Finding heating and cooling comfort in your garden room is easy – with modern air conditioning, as Tom Hall discovers

There has been an increased focus on garden rooms over the past year as more people have begun to work from home, start up their own businesses, and work flexibly. This has in turn led to an exponential explosion in garden room installations.

The key to success in this increasingly significant marketplace is an all-inclusive garden room installation package that responds, not just to the ergonomic needs of consumers, but also to their thermal needs.

After all, working at the optimum productive level all boils down to the provision of a comfortable and safe environment.

Your customers have to feel 100% at ease with their working conditions which is where effective air conditioning can play a vital role. A constant, ambient temperature forms an integral part of that environment and is just as important as any other aspect of the workspace.

Air conditioning can provide benefits for garden room consumers all year round

Tom Hall Tom Hall Corporate Solutions Business Development Manager

Why is there demand for garden rooms?

According to Google, the peak interest for garden rooms over the last 15 years was in June 2020 — the obvious reason being that having everyone at home suddenly makes any house feel cramped.

However, consumers are not just looking for garden offices. They are also looking for garden gyms, garden hobby rooms, garden studios, man-caves and even 'she-sheds'.

Certainly, garden rooms help create physical and emotional boundaries between a customer’s home life and work life. However, they can also create bridges to their leisure life, as garden rooms can double up as garden gyms or garden studios, so that people can work out after office hours in their own private zone. No wonder, then, that given their ease of installation and flexibility in design and size, garden rooms are now widely recognised as spaces of choice for today’s modern consumer.

Why is air con an essential feature of garden room installation?

Whatever their purpose, garden rooms should not just be suitable as an office or leisure space — they should also be cosy. If they are to be used in all four seasons, air conditioning becomes not just a popular add-on, but also an essential feature of garden room installation. After all, modern air conditioning units have the capacity to heat as well as to cool, providing consumers with full control over temperature throughout the year.

Offering your customers air conditioning as part of the garden room installation process ensures efficiency and guarantees that you remain one step ahead of your competitors in catering for your customer’s needs. 

Air conditioning units have proven health benefits, too, which will certainly prove an attraction for consumers considering the garden room option. Over 5.4 million individuals in the United Kingdom seek care each year for asthma, whilst around 3 people a day in the UK are losing their lives to this inflammatory disease. Air conditioners provide relief for asthma sufferers as they reduce the quantity of allergens, irritants and, at times, toxic substances in the air.

Air conditioning can provide benefits for garden room consumers in the Spring months too, months when pollen production is at a high and when hay fever sufferers are particularly susceptible to the elements. Installing an air conditioner as part of the garden room installation package caters for customers who want to enjoy their garden while working, but don’t want to be sneezing through Zoom calls!

Feeling comfortable when working also improves mental health. As noted by Mind, one in six employees experience mental health problems such as depression and anxiety at some time in their working lives. Providing an attractive working environment therefore becomes all the more essential.

HVAC units perfect for your garden room

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to thermal comfort, which makes our versatile M-Series range a popular solution.

For garden rooms, in particular, making the best use of the space is crucial, which means minimising the number of HVAC units installed. Opting for one solution which can heat and cool is a smart decision to maximise space and comfort. Mitsubishi Electric’s adaptable M-Series satisfies your customer’s every need within a single, slimline unit.

Within the M-Series range, the Elegance series (MSZ-AP) features an Air Purifying filter which removes odours and captures dust, pollen and bacteria.

The Premium series (MSZ-LN), however, incorporates a Plasma Quad Plus filter system which purifies the air by sifting minuscule particles such as mould, bacteria, allergens and viruses, and providing a Dual-Barrier coating which blocks out dust as well as grease.

On the other hand, the near-silent Zen series (MSZ-EF) is a low power, energy efficient unit which is perfect for concentration — less noise means less distraction, and less distraction means more productivity.

Looks are equally as important. Nobody wants their investment to be ruined by an unsightly piece of machinery. There are a variety of colours and designs available across the M-Series range, which is what makes the units such a popular choice for homes and garden rooms.

And for those who are after the ease of control, there is Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa compatibility on several models across the M-Series range, giving customers complete control of their garden room temperature at any time, from any place.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about what seems to be a permanent shift in work culture.

Large companies such as Twitter have announced that they do not foresee going back to a common workspace model, even after the pandemic is over.

This shift has led to a radical rethinking of the layout and location of office spaces. With more and more people deciding to invest in a garden room, it is critical to anticipate consumer needs and to offer them the very best in amenities.

Air conditioning units form a key part of the consumer offering.

Understanding that each consumer has different thermal comfort requirements and being able to propose resolutions from an industry-leading, trustworthy manufacturer such as Mitsubishi Electric, will no doubt satisfy your customer’s needs and desires.

Tom Hall is Corporate Solutions Business Development Manager