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With the announcement of another 3-year partnership with Wigan Warriors, Jenny Maskrey examines the impact on the community of this inspiring environment-focused, educational programme.

We recently renewed our association with the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and will continue to support them in their successful educational programme targeting schools and youth clubs in and around the Wigan area.

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the highly successful rugby league club which has built a proud reputation for contributing to and connecting with the Wigan community.

We developed our own educational programme called the Learning Curve, almost 7 years ago to find ways of reaching the ‘consumers of tomorrow’ and we have now had over 2,000 primary-aged school children through our own programme at our offices. 

The Learning Curve aims to teach the 3 R’s of Reduce; Re-use and Recycle and when we first started talking to Wigan Warriors, we thought this would be a good way of extending the reach of programme.

We aim to get children to understand that Climate Change begins at home.

Jenny Maskrey Jenny Maskrey Head of the Learning Curve

Tens of thousands

The Foundation though has really embraced the whole programme and has now taken the environmental 3 R’s message to over 60,000 young people – and their parents, carers and teachers.

What I’ve found particularly inspiring about Wigan Warriors is how everyone involved has embraced the programme and how they are so enthusiastic in delivering this important message.

With the ever expanding threat of climate change it is increasingly important to educate future generations about how to cope with increased demands for energy use and how deal with a changing climate.

In the words of climate change pioneer, Al Gore: “As more and more people understand what's at stake, they become a part of the solution, and share both in the challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crisis.”

If we can therefore reach children at an early enough stage, we can get them to understand that Climate Change begins at home, and that all of us have an important role to play in helping reduce mankind’s negative impact on our planet.

Watch the inspirational Wigan Warriors programme Wigan Warriors foundation has delivered the Learning Curve to over 60,000


We designed The Learning Curve so that fits seamlessly into the the National Curriculum, with carefully define learning objectives for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. It also covers many areas of Brownie Environment and Cub & Scout Environmental Conservation Activity badges.

All sessions, including those run by Wigan Warriors are developed to be interesting and interactive so that they engage and challenge the children to consider how they think society should cope with increased demands for energy use, whilst also seeking to combat climate change.

In addition to expanding to work with the Foundation, we have now added local classroom events at 4 of our regional offices, and held events with a number of our partners so that we can spread this important message far and wide.

Seeing how successful the Wigan Warriors Foundation has been with the programme has inspired us here at Mitsubishi Electric to pursue other groups and companies around the country to partner with, so that we can increase understanding of the important role all of us can play as individuals to combat the challenge of climate change.

If you know a company that would be interested in running the Learning Curve programme or would like to encourage a school to attend, why not get in contact with our team to see how you can get involved.


We have now developed an Early Years Programme to engage with children from age 3-5 and I will write in more detail in another post soon. 

In the meantime, if you know a child or pre-school group that could benefit please visit the dedicated site where they can download all the resources.

Jenny Maskrey is Head of the Learning Curve, Mitsubishi Electric's award-winning educational programme