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Sharon Oliver looks at the thinking behind Mitsubishi Electric’s Ask ME campaign

As a manufacturer of products and services that heat, cool and ventilate buildings of all types, sizes and ages, Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for the quality of our products. 

But we also know that innovative products and solutions are not enough on their own and that is why we also adhere to the timeless maxim that “people do business with people”.

That is also why we have started a new ‘Ask ME’ campaign to promote the people behind our commitment to a customer-focused approach, and why we are backing this campaign with advertisements and social media posts, because we understand the value of being able to put a face on the company.

We want to share our expertise with our customers

Sharon Oliver Sharon Oliver Marketing Manager

On a journey to sustainability

Over the past 10-15 years, we have moved far beyond our traditional role as a straightforward manufacturer of air conditioning, and have dramatically increased the portfolio of products and services that we know can deliver high performance and energy efficiency for customers.

Whatever building customers have, there is now a solution that will help reduce energy and carbon emissions, whilst providing modern levels of sustainable comfort.

We also know we have dedicated people who have developed expertise that can help our customers and from a sustainability perspective, we are actively engaging in ways of informing and educating both our traditional audience and key influencers on the energy efficiency debate.

We started this over a decade ago with our ‘Green Gateway’ philosophy, which demonstrates the thinking behind the ‘way we do business’ and highlights ways that everyone can make a difference. 

Sharing knowledge to build sustainability

Last year, we created this blog site as a free, online portal for informed comment and articles on issues relating to the environment, climate change and energy use in buildings. 

We have now posted over 500 articles on topics as diverse as President Trump and the Paris Climate Agreement, plastic waste, renewable energy and sustainable methods of construction, from respected industry experts ranging from TV presenter, George Clarke, to Sustainable futurist, editor and journalist, Jim McClelland – as well as respected editors from building services, facilities management, heating, housebuilding, social housing and specification.

The most read article has now been viewed over 36 thousand times and concerns R32, which is of great interest to the air conditioning sector.

But we’ve also had over 12 thousand views of an article on the environmental lessons that we can all learn from Dr Seuss, so you can see that we cover a really broad range of environmentally-focused subjects.

A wide breadth of topics and expertise

We’ve covered global topics such as extinction rebellion and Greta Thunberg, Davos and the circular economy and included our own ‘experts’ who give their views on industry issues such as F-Gas, legislation and the growth of renewable heating.

To date, we have included articles from 30 of our own employees covering topics that span marketing tips for installers; techniques for improving processes; indoor air quality; and R32.

The Hub articles are written primarily to expand knowledge within the construction sector, and are freely available because we truly believe that we will only find a way to a sustainable future in construction, if we all share information to help effect change.

The Ask ME campaign expands on these authors to include other people from within different areas of the business, showing our commitment to developing the best service offering available in the industry.

Ask ME about our experts

So, whether you want to know how Game of Thrones is relevant to climate change, understand the phasedown of refrigerants under the F-Gas regulations, or find ways that you can make a difference yourself, there will be a Hub article for you.

And if you want to know more about the dedicated people we have on our team, keep an eye out in the industry press and on our social media channels.

We’ve also created a short video on some of our ‘stars’ which can be viewed here:

So, go on, ask any one of us a question?

Sharon Oliver is Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment Systems.