Ecodan Hydrodan

The water-to-water heat pump that is one of the first truly low-carbon heat pumps available for multi-residential apartments. Ecodan Hydrodan units are installed in individual apartments to deliver hot water and heating. They connect to a 5th Generation ambient temperature heat network which is deployed throughout the building.

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The benefits of Ecodan Hydrodan

ecodan efficient

Highly efficient heating and hot water production

Low Running Costs

Low running costs for owners

Low quantity R32 refrigerant

Low quantity R32 refrigerant - low environmental impact

Ultra low noise

Ultra-low noise output - no disturbance for owners


Multi-residential Building

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Commercial heat pump

Provides an environmental source or connected to a district heat network.

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5th generation, low temperature heat network

Heat networks are deployed throughout the building and stay at a low temperature of between 10-30°C. This means that multiple Ecodan Hydrodan water to water heat pumps can be used on the same network at the same time.


Ecodan Hydrodan

A low carbon, water to water heat pump for multi-residential developments, units are installed in individual apartments to deliver hot water and heating.


Residential Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery supplies air from the outside to indoors via filters. The unit minimises the energy lost by recovering the heat from the extracted air and transferring this to the supplied clean air.

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District heat network

Supplies heat from a central source to a building, via a network of underground pipes carrying hot water. Heat networks can cover a large area or even an entire city avoiding the need for individual boilers or electric heaters in every building.

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Simple installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance have been carefully considered within the design of Ecodan Hydrodan. The removable heat pump module makes maintenance simple. All connections for the heat network, mains cold water, domestic hot water and low temperature hot water circuit are fitted at the top of the unit for simple installation.

Ecodan Hydrodan operates at an ultra-low noise output (27dBA at 1m), it’s easily concealed within a utility room cupboard optimising comfort for occupants.

Unit v2

Versatile & compatible

Floor Heating

Underfloor Heating (UFH)



Fan Coils

Fan coils and fan assisted radiators

Versatility as standard

Ecodan Hydrodan is designed for use in multi-residential apartments which have up to three bedrooms. It is compatible with various space heating equipment including underfloor heating and fan assisted radiators. The Ecodan Hydrodan has a heating temperature range of 20-60°C.


Ecodan Hydrodan infographic

Download our useful, easy to understand infographic.

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Capacity Range

Capacity range of 1.1kW to 7.5kW

Integrated Tank

170cl integrated tank

PIC Valve

PIC valve network control - simple pressure balancing and flow control

Internet based controls

Internet based controls with smart speaker connectivity

Removable heat pump module

Removable heat pump module - simple for repairs

ecodan bg v2

Intelligent controls

Take control of your home’s heating and hot water with our Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud app, the perfect partner for your Ecodan heating system.

Key Features

  • Hot water and heating functions
  • Frost protection
  • Holiday mode
  • 7 day weekly schedule
  • Operation mode reports
  • Energy / Running costs reports
  • Live weather feed
Intelligent controls

Product information sheet

Ecodan Hydrodan Commercial Heat Pump PI Sheet

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Connected technologies

Commercial Heat Pumps – Complete your heat network

The range of heat pumps on the market is now wider than it ever has been. This means it's possible to select exactly the right equipment for the specific application. With 5th generation heat networks, technology already exists to capitalise on the low temperature heat in the network. Packaged ‘plug & play’ heat pump solutions are available right now to link into a heat network and upgrade low temperature heat into usable heating and hot water for apartments – bringing renewable, sustainable heating to even more people and even more situations.

e-Series EAHV

Designed for medium to large capacity low temperature heat networks commercial applications, the e-Series EAHV allows for up to 6 individual units to be connected together using a truly modular design. This modular approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation.

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Eseries Modules 2


The Climaveneta range of heat pumps can easily be integrated into ever increasing complex building systems. In order to maximise performance, reliability and overall system efficiency, the Climaveneta range of products bring advanced technology and know-how together in customisable packages to aid design, specification, installation and on-going operation.

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Livello 0 copia

Ecodan CAHV

Designed for medium capacity commercial applications, the Ecodan CAHV can operate singularly or form part of a multiple unit system providing low temperature hot water.

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CAHV R Right View

Ecodan CRHV

The Ecodan CRHV is a ground/water source heat pump that can operate singularly or form part of a multiple unit system for low temperature heat network and domestic hot water.

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Ventilate your home

The Lossnay supplies a balanced flow of fresh air from outside to living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Whilst doing this the unit minimises the energy lost by recovering the heat from the extracted air and transferring this to the supplied fresh air. Designed to be as quiet as possible, these Lossnay models are perfect for residential homes and apartments where occupants can enjoy all the benefits of ventilation without even knowing the unit is running.

Lossnay VL-CZPVU-R/L-E

The residential Lossnay range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units create an environment of constant clean and healthy air at home.

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