After our Air Source Heat pump stopped working, we had no hot water, or heating. The team at Mitsubishi Electric UK were absolutely fantastic and could not have been more helpful in getting us up and running again very quickly. Superb service

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Service With Respect: Meet The Engineers

For me delivering Service with respect means actively listening to what customers have to say and taking the time to understand their needs and providing any support / advice required while always following professional standards (model visit), empathy and being sincere are also very important.


We must listen and provide courtesy and understanding to allow the customer to feel part of the service that Mitsubishi can provide. We need to always maintain a positive attitude, with a willingness to go that extra mile. To answer any concerns that they may have, a high level of understanding of the product allows the customer to feel secure knowing that Mitsubishi will carry out the required works to a very high standard.


When I was at school, we were taught the 'golden rule'. Do to others what you would want them to do to you. I firmly believe this to be one of the best things I took from school. I always try to apply that in my life and none more so than to my work; I think to myself would I be happy if that was in my house. Little things like wearing shoe covers and being polite can make the biggest impact on homeowners in my opinion.
Treat others with respect and they will show you respect back.


Some Success Stories

Pre-Sales Technical Team

Our incredible Pre-sales Technical team offer unparalleled support over the following areas:

  • Capable of providing broad expert product
    support in a timely manner
  • Flexible access to the support service
  • Quality guidance tailored to your project
  • Ownership from receipt to reply
  • Guidance and solutions that meet your needs
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Technical Helpdesk

Our dedicated Domestic Ecodan fault finding, diagnosis and commissioning guidance team for on-site engineers offer the following:

  • Offering customers broad expert product
    support in a timely manner
  • Support service available when you need it most
  • Quality guidance pre and post commissioning
  • Dedicated support from diagnosis to resolution
  • Guidance and solutions that meet your needs
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Product Training

"The best thing about the support is your technical help guys. We don't get this sort of care in the boiler and heating industry" 

- David Cooke 

- Ecodan Installer


  • Mitsubishi Electric prides itsself on having best in class training on our Ecodan air source heat pumps to ensure customers enjoy the full comfort provided by each unit. 

We continue on our match towards sustainability

Committed Carbon Reduction Partner (CCRP) Accreditation

This accreditation is a significant step for Mitsubishi Electric as it represents our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our proactive role on the road to Net Zero.

Participating in the Committed Carbon Reduction Partner Accreditation program presents a multitude of benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting involved:


  • Differentiate our Partners as leaders on the road to Net Zero with an accreditation exclusively from Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Help our Partners develop new skills and knowledge related to carbon reduction strategies.
  • Prepare our Partners to win tenders and answer questions on their sustainability credentials.

Find out more on the CCRP here