The Road to Net Zero

The UK has set an ambitious target to become Net Zero by 2050. In the UK Buildings account for over 40% of our carbon emissions, and nearly 90% of this is generated from heating and cooling systems. The use of more energy efficient solutions means lower operational costs, lower environmental impact and increased occupant wellbeing.

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Commercial Heating

Heating and hot water production in buildings are the largest contributors to emissions from the built environment. Energy efficient heating solutions such as commercial heat pumps are the key to decarbonising how we heat our building, which is instrumental in achieving the governments Net Zero targets.

The Ecodan range of air source and ground/water source heat pump monobloc systems can operate singularly, or form part of a multiple unit system. Our high energy efficiency systems can provide renewable energy for any commercial building.

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Air Conditioning

It is not enough today, for our buildings to simply provide comfortable environments for occupants. Tough government legislation, ambitious environmental targets on carbon reduction and increased running costs mean that building owners are demanding energy efficient, future-proof solutions which can increase occupancy wellbeing while keeping costs low.

City Multi VRF and Hybrid VRF is the market leader in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. first developed over 30 years ago City Multi delivers complete flexibility of design, installation and operation. With intelligent, centralised control and both heat recovery and heat pump models available, these systems can be used in a wide variety of applications such as offices, hotels, hospitals, retail spaces and public buildings and are able to connect up to 50 indoor units per outdoor unit.

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