The Benefits to Data Centres

A range of products that meets essential requirements

We have a range of IT Cooling equipment that meets the essential requirements of a wide range of Data Centres. These all include reliability and innovation as standard, whilst providing a comfortable environment and helping the building and its operators to reduce both carbon emissions and running costs.

A focus on understanding the IT Cooling application challenges

We have a dedicated Corporate Sales team who have created a range of documents to keep you informed of any changes in legislation, new product features or simple industry information. We also run webinars tailored to suit the requirements of the Data Centre sector.

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We strive to ensure optimum performance of your IT Cooling equipment

We have recommended maintenance programmes in order to ensure optimum efficiency and operation of your equipment throughout its lifecycle. We also run courses to cover best practice for maintenance contractors.

Dedicated interfaces for efficient control

We have dedicated centralised controllers designed for energy efficient control of our systems. Our advanced range can also control third-party equipment such as lighting and alarms, allowing for easy, advance saving and energy metering across the whole building. With our Remote Monitoring Interfaces, you can also control and monitor all systems via a PC or smart device.

A Perfect Match

Ideal solutions for Data Centres

Businesses depend on their IT systems to provide the data they need 24/7, year round. We understand that even the shortest outages can cause significant disruption and critical downtime, resulting in reduced productivity and loss of revenue. So it’s imperative that these vital IT servers and equipment are always kept in optimal conditions. With increasing pressure on energy efficiency and running costs, we now need a low-carbon, cost effective cooling option.

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Ask ME about business critical IT equipment

In 2015 Mitsubishi Electric purchased the RC Group, enhancing our product line up and marking our full scale entry into the IT cooling market.

Our range of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) systems combines the latest in DX technology with the RC brand’s expertise in IT cooling to deliver innovative, energy efficient and robust solutions to IT environments with ease.

The new DX Computer Room Air Conditioning solutions from Mitsubishi Electric offer a range of high sensible systems specifically designed to provide close control of temperature and humidity, and that are perfectly suited for small to medium sized enterprise Data Centres.

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Ask ME about quality and efficiency

Through our technical expertise, long experience and innovative product range, we enable building operators everywhere to significantly improve energy efficiency, reduce running costs and adhere to increasingly tough legislation. We believe that global climate challenges need local solutions.

Our aim is to help individuals and businesses reduce the energy consumption of their buildings and their running costs.

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Precise temperature and humidity control

The need for high sensible cooling and close control of both temperatures and humidity in critical IT environments has never been higher, and this is where our new range of specialist IT cooling systems makes it possible to keep temperature and humidity constant, even with very wide load variations, ensuring the correct room conditions all year round.

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Our systems

Mitsubishi Electric’s Close Control systems are specifically designed for rooms with a high sensible cooling load that require precise temperature and humidity control.

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of dedicated IT cooling equipment also includes DX systems specifically designed for IT applications, and for those who are familiar with the benefits and installation processes of our existing Mitsubishi Electric HVAC outdoor units.

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Our Partnerships

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Pioneers in our low-carbon heat future

Shahid Rahman explores how we can reuse the heat from data centres.

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From AC Installer to IT Cooling Installer

Richard Venga explores the similarities between AC and IT cooling and the things to look out for when making an IT cooling recommendation.

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The Importance of IT Cooling

A video overview of the Mitsubishi Electric IT Cooling range.

Suggested products for IT Cooling

IT Cooling s MEXT Transparent v2

s-MEXT DX Close Control System

High precision air conditioners are ideal for applications where high sensible cooling and close control of temperature and humidity are required.

Multi Density with Variable Refrigerant Flow VRF

Multi Density with Variable Refrigerant Flow [VRF]

Mitsubishi Electric’s new Multi Density systems combine the efficiency, quality and simplicity of City Multi VRF, with high performance close coupled cooling solutions for high density data rooms.


NR-FC-Z Air Cooled Chiller

Specifically designed to operate with high water temperatures (supply set-point up to 24°C) and a high DELTA T (up to 11°C), the NR-FC-Z delivers substantial energy savings in modern data centres. The free cooling hydraulic equipment allows the unit to utilise outside air to meet the cooling capacity.