The rooms needed to be refurbished one at a time and we were very aware that the bulk of the air conditioning needed to be hidden from sight without risking damage to the fabric of the building.


19th century former coaching inn

35 room prestigious hotel

30% average efficiency savings

The Challenge

With an impressive pedigree and former guests including Gregory Peck, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – this high-quality boutique hotel needed to offers luxurious, award-winning accommodation to visitors from around the world.

angel case study 1

The requirements

With a unique but old fashioned room layout, it was imperative that no pipework was put on display and that the installed units should have aesthetic appeal and run quietly.

angel case study 2

The Solution

The Zen Series is a low profile, unobtrusive wall-mounted system that blends seamlessly with its surroundings and offers lower power consumption twinned with powerful performance. The sophisticated elegance of the units makes them an ideal choice for hotel environments.

Angel Hotel 2

Products Used

R32 heat recovery MEUK product

R2 Series High Efficiency Heat Recovery (YNW)

A City Multi R2 heat recovery system offers simultaneous heating and cooling to different rooms

M Series MSY R32 Transparent R32

MSZ-EF R32 Zen Inverter Heat Pump

35 wall-mounted Zen series units offer a stylish, low profile system

AE 200 controller

AE-200E Centralised Controller

Each individual room controller is managed and monitored by an AE200 centralised controller, allowing hotel staff to monitor and control energy use