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  • Multi-award-winning range of air source heat pumps
  • Market-leading ultra quiet sound levels
  • Guaranteed low temperature operation
  • Smart control and remote monitoring with the MELCloud App
  • Expert training, after sales and technical support

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A podcast series brought to you by Mitsubishi Electric's Ecodan – air source heat pump. The show promotes greater awareness of renewable, heat pump technology, helping to build a sustainable, zero-carbon future for home heating. You will expect to hear insightful topics ranging from: 

  • Renewable home heating in the UK
  • Homeowners
  • Self-builders
  • Contractors
  • Housing Associations
  • Extensive list of guest interviews including architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke.

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Our courses

Online Ecodan Part 1 - Design & Application (ED&A)

This course will cover:

  • The Partner Programme - requirements and benefits
  • Environmental and legal implications
  • Heat pump technology - how the system works
  • Coefficients of performance COPs
  • The Ecodan equipment range
  • Ecodan controls
  • Basic heat loss calculations
  • System sizing
  • Equipment selection - heat emitters, pumps, hot water cylinders etc.
  • Weather considerations
  • Annual maintenance

Ecodan Part 1 in more detail
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Online Ecodan Part 2 - Installation & Commissioning (EI&C)

This course will cover:

  • Legislation - F Gas requirements, Gas safe etc.
  • Ecodan / S plan integration
  • Installation requirements - electrical, plumbing, location etc.
  • Commissioning
  • Water system requirements
  • Programming the controls
  • System monitoring
  • Commissioning faults - common faults and probable causes

Ecodan Part 2 in more detail
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Online Ecodan Part 3 - Service & Fault Finding (ES&FF)

This course will cover:

  • Legislation - F Gas requirements, Gas safe etc.
  • How the heat pump works - the vapour compression cycle, upgrade of 'free heat', COPs etc.
  • Typical running conditions
  • Accessing information - interrogation of the system using the remote control and Ecodan LCD display
  • Basic fault finding - understanding fault codes and their remedies
  • Testing to assist diagnostics
  • System maintenance - coil cleaning, system checks etc.
  • When to call for a site service visit

Ecodan Part 3 in more detail
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Ecodan Hands On

This course will cover:

  • Installing the Ecodan, Water and Electrics
  • Commissioning the Ecodan
  • Basic fault finding scenarios
  • More in-depth fault finding scenarios
  • Parts replacement scenarios
  • Please be aware that we will ask you to work in pairs on the systems and all the systems are different.

The Ecodan hands on training provides attendees with the necessary practical experience to install and commission an Ecodan system whilst also completing various fault-finding activities.  To book a space at our Hatfield branch, you must have completed the Ecodan part 2 Installation & Commissioning, and the part 3 Service & Fault-Finding courses.

Ecodan Part 5 In more detail

Great content, lots of drawings and examples, practice questions were good, instructor on video was very informative and friendly

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