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Air conditioning and heat pump trainer, Ben Bartle-Ross offers advise on how to get the most out of training.

I’ve spoken with literally thousands of engineers of all shapes, sizes and ages in my time as a trainer on air conditioning and heat pump systems.

The overwhelming majority appreciate the time they’ve been given time off work to increase their skills and knowledge of both new and existing equipment.  

They realise that this is not only going to benefit their company and their customers, it is also adding more skills to help develop their own career.

So what advice would I offer to anyone who wants to get the most out of their training?

Ben Bartle Ross Ben Bartle-Ross Technical Trainer


At Mitsubishi Electric, we love explaining our kit to engineers.  We’ve got designers and technicians around the world looking at innovative ways to tackle one of the biggest issues facing us all – how do we deliver comfortable buildings in the most energy efficient and controllable ways possible.

We are therefore really enthusiastic about the live equipment we show off in our training rooms because we truly believe we are making the best products and solutions.

So, if you are attending a training course, then bring your own enthusiasm along as well, whether that is one of our courses or any other training you are undertaking.

If you are eager to learn and enthusiastic to know how the training can benefit you and your customers, then you will be much more receptive to new ways of thinking and the new processes and technologies that the industry is bringing in, such as R32.


I rarely send people away with homework from my courses as I find the best way of learning is hands-on and by being able to speak directly to the trainer.

However, spending half an hour on Google before the training, looking at the technology you are coming in to learn about will mean you arrive with a greater understanding from the start.

Take a moment to download the apps we provide - and in particular ME Engineer, which is an essential tool for anyone working on Mitsubishi Electric equipment.

We can then get right into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of a product or technology meaning you can leave with more advanced knowledge more quickly.


Few of us are able to work in isolation now and few of us only do one job.  When an engineer is out on site, working on an installation or service, they are not only an engineer, they are also an ambassador for their company, helping ‘sell’ the brand and demonstrating the value of the service their company is offering.

That means you need to keep abreast of things that will impact the customer and as a manufacturer, we can help you understand how one job, and one customer, fits into the bigger picture.

Come along to the training then with some questions that will help improve the session for both you and your fellow classmates, and allows us to have meaningful discussions on the issues that affect you, your company, and your customers.

-        Have you heard of MEES for example? And do you know how this affects the equipment you are installing and the business having it installed?

-        What about F-Gas Phasedown? Do you fully understand the implications for our industry and what this means for you out on the tools in the coming years?

-        Do you know the significant benefits that advanced controls for HVAC can offer? Or how to use these controls to monitor and report back to customers?

-        And what about EN378 and leak detection? Do you know what alternatives are on offer?

We’re in a period of change at the moment, where DX engineers have a significant opportunity to expand their skills to take them into other areas of building services, such as Chillers or heating and knowledge of the bigger issues is only going to enhance your opportunities.


Ultimately though, I suggest you come along to your training hungry for knowledge.  I can promise you that we will get you thinking, explain both the basics and the opportunities, and increase your understanding of whatever piece of kit you are in to learn about.

Oh and one more thing. Bring along an appetite as we have had lots of positive comments about the quality of the food we provide in our Hatfield canteen!

Ben Bartle-Ross is a technical trainer at Mitsubishi Electric