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As the market sees R410A refrigerant increase in cost by over 600%, Deane Flint looks at 18 reasons you need to be thinking and talking to your customers about the move to R32-ready air conditioning systems.

In my previous article I spoke about the F-Gas Regulations and how moving to lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants, or systems with a lower refrigerant volume – like Hybrid VRF, is the best way to stick within the UK's HFC (Hydrofluorocarbons) quota.

In this week’s article I’m going to be talking about R32 refrigerant, as the benefits of using this refrigerant and compatible air conditioning systems go beyond just helping the environment.

So while we should all be aware of what R32 is and its benefits, here are the 18 things I believe you need to know about NOW. 

The key things you need to know about R32

18 of the key points about R32 refrigerant

  • R32 is a low GWP refrigerant of 675

  • It is 17% of the GWP of R404A which is common in refrigeration

  • It is 32% of the GWP of R410A which is common in air conditioning

  • Because of this, it’s being introduced in the UK as an alternative to these gases

  • R32 is already widely used in Japan, Australia and India

  • In Japan alone over 10 million R32 air conditioning units have been installed

  • It is already a familiar refrigerant as it makes up 50% of R410A, which is the most commonly used refrigerant in air conditioning

  • R32 air conditioning systems use up to 20% less refrigerant than R410A equivalents making them more efficient which means lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs

  • It also contributes to lowering a building's carbon footprint which is why it’s the ideal solution for many buildings and businesses requiring air conditioning

  • It has zero ozone depletion potential and as a single component is easy to recycle

  • It is also low-toxic, and, although flammable, is very difficult to ignite

  • R32 is expected to quickly become the standard refrigerant for split type air conditioning systems

  • Many air conditioning manufacturers are already selling R32 ready systems; at Mitsubishi Electric this includes M Series and Mr Slim 'Power Inverter' which are some of the UK's best-selling air conditioning systems

  • These R32 ready systems offer higher efficiency, longer pipe runs and are available now at no cost premium

  • It also means that companies can enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) because their air conditioning equipment will use a refrigerant that minimises the effect on climate change

  • For manufacturers, R32 means continued innovation with new product developments, extending their ranges of R32 ready systems and looking at alternatives with lower refrigerant volumes

  • This is good for the industry because it will allow companies to continue providing comfortable buildings that comply with legislative requirements now and into the future

  • Moving to R32 is not only good for the environment but can also provide a real opportunity for the HVAC industry to prosper if we all embrace it now

If you’re interested to see what R32 products are available via Mitsubishi Electric please take a look at our dedicated website here.

As a leading global manufacturer, R32-ready systems are key to the future of our business and we will announce more R32 product introductions in the coming months ... 

Deane Flint is Joint Managing Director - Joint Divisional Manager for Mitsubishi Electric.

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