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Dennis Flower looks at the growing importance of environmental and social governance

The rise of environmental and social governance (ESG) practices within organisations of all types can be seen to have been occurring for a number of years and evolving from more responsible business approaches and investment in the late 20th century.

It’s now at the point where it is being included within facilities management contracts and is an increasingly notable factor within collaborative projects.

Another element of proof, if any are needed, is that of its inclusion as a category within this year’s PFM Partnership Awards, with the Partners in ESG proving highly popular with entrants and likely to continue in future.

Implementing the requirements of ESG can only be a positive development

Dennis Flower PfM Dennis Flower Editor of Premises & Facilities Mangement

Managing ambitions

Among the many and varied activities and ESG-related exercises is that of the recruitment of personnel to manage the ambitions of businesses.

In addition to the aims of their employer, ESG managers and directors are being tasked with aligning these to those of their clients and also, in many cases, those of their supply chain partners.

The creation of policies that focus on individual companies has been identified as a positive development on a number of levels.

When these are aligned with other organisations, businesses and even entire sectors, the benefits can be seen to increase on an exponential basis.

More awareness

It is highly noticeable that a growing number of businesses are implementing policies and processes that ensure their brand is intrinsically linked to their approaches to sustainability, safety, diversity, equality and any number of additional responsible actions included within ESG policies.

These are further supported by individuals who confirm both their personal appreciation of the many benefits and those of the companies they work for.

While it is highly likely that there will always be continuing discussion on these aspects, the fact that implementing the requirements of ESG is encouraging more responsibility and awareness for the running of businesses can only be a positive development for companies, clients and society in general.

Dennis Flower is editor of Premises & Facilities Management magazine