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Questions to ask to keep your HVAC systems operating efficiently and effectively

For today’s busy building managers, their choice of service and maintenance partner is critical.

Meeting regulatory requirements, as well as the needs of demanding occupants needs support that can be relied on.

Here at Mitsubishi Electric, we think there are a few key questions to consider when looking for the right service team.

  • Can they offer cradle-to-grave service?
  • Do they have experience of your building type?
  • Are they certified to ensure compliance?
  • Can they work with all brands?
  • Are they making the most of modern technology?
  • Does one size fit all?

We’re committed to providing peace-of-mind and continuous support for customers

GrahamMartin Graham Martin Business Development Manager

Can they offer cradle-to-grave service?

Maintenance should be a cradle-to-grave service that offers support for the lifetime of building services equipment.

From commissioning to fault-finding and regular health checks, the process should encompass every stage of the equipment lifecycle.

Not only does this provide peace-of-mind for equipment owners, but it also ensures that the systems operate effectively and efficiently from day-one.

Do they have experience of your building type?

Mitsubishi Electric’s Service and Maintenance teams have worked in environments from data centres, shopping centres, food production facilities, hospitals and offices.

Our engineers are experienced in chiller and IT cooling technology, and support clients in data centres.

This breadth of experience means that there are very few issues our engineers can’t tackle – and with services such as a telephone help desk to back them up, there is always a way to find the solution for a problem.  

Are they certified to ensure compliance?

This is an important point for operators of equipment that uses refrigerants.

The F Gas regulation puts the onus on operators to ensure their equipment is compliant. This means ensuring that engineers are certified to handle refrigerants.

For example, Mitsubishi Electric’s team are REFCOM Elite F-Gas certified so they are highly skilled and kept up-to-date with the latest training.

What’s more, their expertise means that you can stay ahead of changes in refrigerant rules and be aware of any potential refrigerant price rises caused by phase down.

Can they work with all brands?

It may appear obvious, but it is worth repeating.

It’s vital to ensure that your service and maintenance team can work with all brands, so they can continue to work with you whatever products you rely on, when the situation changes and even when you update your systems.

Are they making the most of modern technology?

Cloud-based technology is everywhere, including the service and maintenance sector. Remote monitoring, for example, collects data and scans for changes in the performance of equipment such as chillers.

This makes it possible to spot potential problems before they lead to breakdowns and callouts.

Mitsubishi Electric Service and Maintenance not only offers remote monitoring, but also equips its field engineers with the latest hand-held devices to record regular check-ups and keep a clear record of maintenance, which they can share electronically with clients.

The result is no more lost paperwork and easy access to maintenance records.  

Does one size fit all?

Some service and maintenance providers want to set up clients with a one-size fits all approach. At Mitsubishi Electric Service and Maintenance, we think it’s vital to tailor the service provided to each client’s requirements.

This means they only pay for what they need, but they always have access to the right level of support that reflects their operational requirements and service expectations.

At Mitsubishi Electric Service and Maintenance we are committed to offering end-to-end support and maintenance whether you are a contractor, consultant or building owner.

Our view is that service and maintenance are vital to the energy efficient operation of buildings – and for occupant health and comfort.

That’s why we are committed to building long-term partnerships with our customers that provide peace-of-mind and continuous support.

Graham Martin is Business Development Manager