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Ben Bartle-Ross explores the things engineers ask on training courses

If you’ve read any of my blogs here or in the monthly columns in ACR Journal, you will know that I meet and train hundreds of HVAC and heating engineers every year, so I am well used to tackling any questions that come at me – including some that come from completely left of field.

And that is exactly what I as a trainer, and we as a manufacture want.  We need to know what you, as the guys on the ‘front line’ deal with on a daily basis. 

Only then can we feed this back to our fantastic R&D experts in the factories, who can build adaptions to our global products that can then take into account the variants that we need for the UK market.

One of our R32 articles has now been read over 38 thousand times showing how much demand for information there is

Ben Bartle Ross Ben Bartle-Ross Technical trainer

Energy efficiency

That’s also why we created The Hub, to share knowledge on HVAC construction and environmental issues that can answer some of the questions we all have.

In the time I’ve been with Mitsubishi Electric, we have moved far beyond our traditional role as a manufacturer of air conditioning systems, increasing our portfolio and taking us into areas such as chillers, heat pumps and ventilation.

So, whatever building your customer has, there is now an energy efficient solution that will help lower carbon emissions and deliver sustainable comfort.

Ask ME about R32

And we want to go further than that, which is why you will see our ‘Ask ME’ marketing campaign across the HVAC press over the next few months. 

We want to show you the real people behind our commitment to a customer-focused approach and, like The Hub, we want to show you that we have the knowledge on things that affect our industry and are happy to share that.

The most read article on The Hub, which has now been viewed over 38 thousand times, concerns R32, which is of great interest to the air conditioning sector.

We need to transition to refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP) and this is where R32 comes in, and why we run so many training courses – to equip engineers with the knowledge they need to install and commission systems.

Ask ME about our training programmes We offer a comprehensive range of training courses on our products

Direct response

The Hub articles are written primarily to expand knowledge within the construction sector, and are freely available because we truly believe that we will only find a way to a sustainable future in construction, if we all share information to help effect change.

And this is where I collaborate with my colleagues to write articles that directly answer some of the things I get asked on training courses.

So, whether it’s about plant noise levels in densely populated towns and cities, or simple instructions on advanced controllers that can help maximise efficiency and performance or equipment, there’s an article somewhere on The Hub.

We also explore why R32 has so quickly become mainstream, which I often get asked in my courses.  We also look at the things we have adapted in the background to make systems easier to read and understand – all of this based on direct feedback from training courses.

So go on, Ask ME a question, we are genuinely listening and if we can adapt our products and services to improve things for you out in the field, we will.

Hope to see you on one of our courses soon.

Ben Bartle-Ross is technical trainer at Mitsubishi Electric delivering courses on both air conditioning and heat pumps.