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Refurb Projects, Carole Titmuss looks at a new system that enables Jaguar Land Rover to operate at a significantly reduced energy cost

When Jaguar Land Rover was looking to refurbish its principal design facility in Worcestershire, the overriding aim was improving on the energy efficiency of the old chiller system.

The solution was a new e-series chiller system from Mitsubishi Electric which is available ‘off-the-shelf’ rather than requiring a 6-8 week build time.

Chiller systems have been used for decades to deliver controlled cooling to buildings, but with an increasing focus on energy efficiency and running costs, the e-series chiller range has been designed to provide a low-carbon, cost-effective option.

Its unique modular approach allows up to six individual units to be connected, providing a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW. This approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation.

This system met all of the requirements including next day delivery

Carole Titmuss Refurb projects Carole Titmuss Editor of Refurb Projects

Highly efficient

Mel Baynham at Jaguar Land Rover explained that the Mitsubishi Electric system was the clear frontrunner for a number of reasons: “We looked at a number of chillers, but the Mitsubishi Electric system met all of our requirements including next day delivery.”

The system comprises two inverter driven compressors that allow it to operate between 8%-100% of capacity.

“We pushed for modular due to the fact that if a unit went down we would be able to keep the system running while that module was being repaired. It also needed to be a highly efficient system capable of looking after a design office containing 2,000 people”, added Mel Baynham.

The new, fully operational system ultimately provides a more comfortable working environment for its 2,000 members of staff in its Research and Design building; a critical factor for ensuring productivity.

Jaguar Chillers v2

The e-Series Chillers at JLR

Next day delivery and the modular aspect of the range appealed to Jaguar Land Rover

Part-load efficiencies

By having a broad operating range, advanced inverters and sophisticated controls, the e-series can deliver exceptional part-load efficiencies, which is where it will primarily operate.

The balance of comfort and cooling performance will allow the car manufacturer to focus its efforts on refining automotive technologies at a significantly reduced energy cost.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new cooling system was designed by Norvent Pipework and the installation was carried out by IDS Electrical. The system consists of eight EACV-P900YA-N e-series cooling-only chillers, plus eight MELCOBEMS MINI interfaces, which provide individual indoor unit connections to a third-party Trend Controls Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) via RS485 by either Modbus RTU or BACnet from a common platform.

Carole Titmuss is editor and publisher of Refurb Projects