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As the Corporate world looks for energy efficient quality from building services, Georgie King looks at the reasoning behind Mitsubishi Electric’s introduction of a new partnering status and examines the benefits for installers, customers and the wider industry.

Businesses of all sizes face the on-going challenge of balancing rising fuel costs against the requirement for comfortable internal environments.

Factor in increasingly tough legislative requirements and it’s easy to see that companies need complete assurance that their building services are helping them meet targets, rather than hindering them.

New regulations such as MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) and the WELL Building Standard are placing additional requirements on businesses to clearly demonstrate that the buildings they own and operate are as energy efficient as possible – and designed to help increase the welfare of staff, guests and customers.

That is where a new standard of partnership between Mitsubishi Electric and the companies that install its environmental technology equipment can offer the quality assurance needed.   

For the wider construction industry, we see this as a way of raising standards in a ‘Win-Win’ situation for all involved.

Georgie King Georgie King Assistant Marketing Communications Manager

Onto the next level

Over a decade ago, we changed the way we work with our customers and developed our Partner Programme with a focus on ensuring the highest possible standards in both the supply of equipment and the design and installation working practices across the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling industry.

Through our acclaimed Partner Programme we focus on constantly raising standards to maximise mutual opportunity for growth.

Our partners have aligned with us on one of two levels: Accredited Installer (AI) or a Business Solutions Partner (BSP) and we have worked with them to develop training and support to help them demonstrate their high standards and grow their businesses.  

We now have just over 1,500 partners and in the quest to continue raising industry standards, we have now launched our new, highest status - Diamond Quality Partner (DQP), which we believe will take partnering to the next level.

As a DQP endorsed by Mitsubishi Electric, customers are assured of the highest level of service, installation and quality.


We understand the concerns of business and the need for absolute quality assurance

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Corporate concerns


All DQPs undertake an independent audit on installation, design and commissioning

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Corporate Audited


We have long been at the forefront of the need for proven industry standards

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Corporate raising standards


Businesses can rest assured that they are working with complete professionals

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Corporate Professional


The introduction of DQP status gives business three levels of partner to work with

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Corporate 3 levels


DQPs and BSPs are also able to offer customers a 7 year warranty

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Corporate 7 year

A mark of excellence

The scheme is open to any company, regardless of size and whatever their spend.

The primary principle of the Diamond Quality Partnership is excellence and only those committed to meeting the exacting standards can apply for DQP status.

This includes an independent audit of installation and design, which validates professionalism in all aspects. Carried out by an independent industry expert, DQPs are audited regularly

Once completed though, DQPs are able to use the audit to promote their professionalism and credibility to their own prospective customers, and we as the manufacturer are able to refer every DQP with total confidence.

A distinct advantage

For businesses choosing to work with a DQP, they know they can expect to receive a level of installation and service support that is of the highest possible standard, fully compliant with F-Gas and other legislation, along with complete assurance that they will receive the best quality of aftercare.

They will also get a well-designed, installed, commissioned and maintained HVAC system, which will operate at its optimum both in terms of the comfort it provides and the energy it consumes.

For several years within the construction industry, there has been a perception that standards have been falling, so we have chosen to focus on standards to specifically target that perception within the HVAC sector and highlight the value to everyone of higher levels of quality.

For the wider construction industry, we see this as a way of raising standards in a ‘Win-Win’ situation for all involved.

In doing so, we believe we are taking partnering to the next level to achieve unrivalled industry excellence.

Georgie King is assistant marketing communications manager for Mitsubishi Electric