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ECOV Series Refrigeration Condensing Units PI Sheet

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Shift towards greener, natural refrigerants

Refrigeration is a necessary part of our modern way of life and is essential to the way we store and display food for convenience purchase.

Given today’s concerns about global warming and environmental protection, energy conservation policies are becoming increasingly stringent. It is becoming progressively more important for cold chain retailers to shift towards greener natural refrigerants and energy efficient equipment.

With our technical expertise, long experience and innovative product range, Mitsubishi Electric is able to offer customers the ability to reduce their carbon emissions and assist them in achieving the UK governments Net Zero targets.

Cold Store Room With Racking

A versatile solution

The ECOV Series Refrigeration Condensing units use natural CO2 refrigerant (R744) and inverter technology to deliver reliable, energy efficient cooling and freezing.

With duties ranging from 4.89kW to 16.7kW at an ambient temperature of 35ºC, the units can be connected to multiple refrigerated display cabinets or cold rooms evaporators - making them an ideal choice for smaller retail shops, convenience stores and cold storage rooms, including cold chain distribution centres.

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