Designed down to a fine art

The MECH-iS-G07 and MEHP-iS-G07 achieve top-level energy efficiencies, in the most compact footprints in their category. 

The range comprises of 7 new sizes developed within 3 compact modules to fit any thermal load requirement up to 110kW, extendable up to 220kW through an optional twin module configuration.

MECH iS MEHP iS Chassis 3

Product information sheet

MEHP-iS-G07 Commercial Air Source Heat Pump PI Sheet

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Comfort is key

  • Hot water up to 65°C available for MEHP-iS-G07, with an operating range as low as -20°C ambient
  • Exceptional performance at part load operating conditions
  • Quiet and compact unit
  • Plug & Play solution: options for factory fitted pumps and buffer vessel
  • MEHP-iS-G07 specifically designed to be optimised for heating mode
Future of offices

Smart Coordinated Defrost

Smart control logic for coordinating the non-simultaneous start of defrosting cycles of a group of heat pumps:

  • Minimises the energy required for defrost
  • Increase of the maximum heat output of the system during defrost
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Minimum impact on leaving water temperature
Smart Defrost

Lower GWP refrigerant

R32 is a highly efficient refrigerant that is easy to recycle and offers a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R410A.

The reduced GWP level of this refrigerant gas tackles both direct and indirect global warming, offering customers
a concrete forward-looking solution for your building and a robust alternative to traditional refrigerants.

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