Mitsubishi Electric’s Head of Residential Heating and Ventilation, Russell Dean has just been appointed Vice President of the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA), alongside Graham Wright from Daikin.

Their appointments come at a key moment in the UK’s road to NetZero and the SEA and its members will continue working with the government to develop a robust green recovery that can help to increase the energy efficiency of commercial buildings and UK homes.

“Despite the obvious attention on the health and economic implications of COVID-19, the urgent need for action on climate change remains,” explains Russell Dean, “it is therefore vital that everyone involved in the construction industry comes together to help government achieve the nation’s ambitious carbon reduction targets.

“The SEA has already made a significant contribution to the development of government policy on sustainability and Graham and my role now will be to continue ensuring that the changes needed to make our homes and commercial buildings fit for the future are quickly identified and actioned,” he added.

With buildings accounting for 40% of overall UK energy use, this is an ideal place to start, so that we can tackle inefficient building stock and improve the overall sustainability of each home, each office and each commercial unit, one by one.

This decarbonisation of buildings is going to be crucial in helping achieve the country’s ambitious targets and the SEA brings together the manufacturers, experts and technological solutions to really make a difference.

“No one company or brand can achieve this on their own,” adds Russell Dean, “that’s why I’m particularly delighted to be working as Joint VP, alongside Graham Wright from Daikin. “Together we will look at how the SEA can promote the full range of skills, expertise and sustainable technologies available through its members so that we can help government and other bodies really start to tackle the built environment.”

PR Contact: Nick Ringrow, Brands2Life