Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new slim line cassette which not only offers a superb design, but also easier installation, quieter operation and greater occupant comfort.

Available immediately for the popular Mr Slim and City Multi air conditioning ranges, the 600 x 600mm unit is only245mm in height above the ceiling, making it ideal for fitting in narrow spaces. 

It has also been designed with ease of installation in mind.  Temporary hanging hooks mean that installers will find it much easier to hold the cassette in place while they are working. A drop-prevention cord ensures the unit does not fall, and hexagonal screws can be removed even if the screw hole becomes worn.

Mitsubishi Electric Product Manager Carl Dickinson says: “We have focused on the most challenging aspects of installing cassettes into ceilings. Installers can work on the new cassette without removing the screws for the control box, reducing the risk of lost screws”.

The unit has been designed to fit snugly to ceilings, providing clear lines for excellent aesthetics which work well in offices or retail environments.

Occupant comfort is also improved with the new cassette, which offers a horizontal airflow feature. Rather than pushing air down into an occupied space, this new cassette can direct air horizontally across the ceiling.

The sound level of the new cassette has been reduced by 2dB to 4dB (depending on the air conditioning system in use) and this has been achieved by the introduction of a new 3D turbo fan.

“Our aim is to ensure comfortable indoor environments and this latest design is based on Mitsubishi Electric's long heritage in this field", says Dickinson.