Mitsubishi Electric has released a new Ecodan controller for situations where the renewable heating needs to interface with third party equipment or BEMS (Building Energy Management System) controls.
The FTC2B Ecodan Controller brings the possibility of renewable heating to even more applications such as agricultural and shed heating, swimming pools and leisure centres, industrial process heating and under soil heating.
“We have realised that there are situations where the full range of advanced functionality is not needed so we have produced this new simplified controller to allow the Ecodan PUHZ to talk directly to third party and BEMS controllers,” explains James Timbs-Harrison, Product Marketing Manager for the company’s heating systems division.
A combination of volt free and voltage inputs allow third party control systems to control multiple modes and flow temperatures of any model in the Ecodan PUHZ range.  Unit running, defrost and error functions can also be monitored by the third party interface.
There are a huge number of commercial situations which are now eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive and this new controller enables business to take advantage of this.
“We expect interest in heat pumps to grow significantly in the commercial sector on the back of the non-domestic RHI and this controller will help bring the advantages of the Ecodan range to even more businesses,” adds Timbs-Harrison.
The market-leading Ecodan range offers capacities from 4kW to 960kW with either air source or ground/water source options available. Mitsubishi Electric has also designed Ecodan to work on its own or with existing gas or oil boilers as a fully controllable hybrid system.
The company has produced a dedicated website which demonstrates how much a home or businesses can receive in RHI payments and how much they will save over gas, oil and LPG heating. 
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