Leading heat pump manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has welcomed the official extension to the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) following the announcement by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) on Wednesday 28 May 2014.
Under the incentive scheme companies receive regular payments for every kWh of renewable heat they use in their business, if generated by a ground, water or air source heat pump.
Tariffs are available for air source heat pumps at 2.5p/kWh and ground source heat pumps at a Tier 1 rate of 8.7p/kWh and Tier 2 rate of 2.6 p/kWh. Tier 1 is paid for the first 1,314 full-load equivalent hours, and Tier 2 for all remaining output.
Businesses will receive a regular quarterly payment for the next 20 years, which provides long term and sustainable growth in the use of renewable technologies. The payments can amount to thousands of pounds and help make the case for heat pumps much stronger, especially against traditional fossil fuel heating.
Mitsubishi Electric has produced a dedicated website which demonstrates how much a businesses can receive in RHI payments and how much they will save over gas, oil and LPG heating
“We know heat pumps are one of the most straightforward renewable technologies to install and that they will provide a constant, comfortable level of heat to a building whilst lowering running costs and reducing carbon emissions,” explains John Kellett, General Manager of the company’s Heating Systems.
“What we have done with the Ecodan range is ensure that it can be fitted to just about any commercial building so almost any business can now benefit from RHI.”
Ecodan systems are increasingly being used in commercial applications as diverse as schools, hotel and leisure facilities, offices and agricultural buildings.
“We have started to see a real growth in interest in the Non-domestic side as businesses realise not only that the RHI can help offset the cost of renewable heat pumps, but also that they will then receive a quarterly payment into the future,” adds Kellett.
The market-leading Ecodan range offers capacities from 4kW to 960kW with either air source or ground/water source options available. Mitsubishi Electric has also designed Ecodan to work on its own or in tandem with existing gas or oil boilers as a fully controllable hybrid system.
“It’s all about giving businesses as much choice so that they can easily benefit from heat pump technology and get lower running costs whilst reducing their carbon emissions.”