Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new Ecodan ground and water source heat pump system which is capable of delivering up to 960kW of renewable heating and water flow temperatures of up to 65°C from a variety of sources, including waste recovered heat. 
The inverter-driven Ecodan CRHV monobloc heat pump can operate singularly, or be banked together to create a system that can modulate and cascade available units on and off to meet the load from a building.
This level of modulation is unprecedented within the heating industry and with cascade and rotation built in as standard, the Ecodan CRHV system is perfectly suited to a wide range of commercial applications. 
The individual Ecodan units offer 60kW capacity and 16 units can be linked together to offer full multiple unit cascade control. In addition to being suitable for water-source application such as rivers and aquifiers, plus ground source, whether through slinkies or boreholes, the system can take waste heat from server cooling or industrial process cooling and use this as a heat source.
This extended range of options makes the system ideal for companies looking to incorporate low carbon heating and benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
The RHI scheme will see commercial building owners, landlords and individual homeowners receive a quarterly payment – which can amount to hundreds of pounds, for up to seven years for domestic installations and up to 20 years for non-domestic buildings.
“We have designed the CRHV to offer as much flexibility as possible whether the application is ground source or water source, in a school, office, leisure centre or warehouse,” explained James Timbs-Harrison, Mitsubishi Electric’s Product Marketing Manager for Heating Systems.
“The fact that it can operate with heat sources from -5°C up to +45°C gives a level of flexibility that is normally only available with a bespoke system,” he added. “Combine this with the advanced controls and quality levels that Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for and we believe that the CRHV will prove very successful.”
Each unit has a split dual refrigerant circuit to provide 50% back up and cascaded systems have the ability to rotate units based on accumulated run hours, thereby maximising both efficiency levels and prolonging product life.
The low maintenance, low refrigerant volume, hermetically-sealed monobloc design, provides up to 65°C water flow temperatures without the need for booster heaters, and heat recovery applications can also be achieved by moving heat between applications.
In addition to this, passive cooling is possible by exchanging ground/water source with a chilled water system. The system has a low pressure drop to ensure pumping power is kept to a minimum and includes high specification touch screen controls interfacing with BEMS.