Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new air conditioning interface that is compatible with the majority of Modbus and BACnet BEMS products.
The MelcoBEMS unit works across the full M Series, Mr Slim and City Multi air conditioning ranges to provide full control of up to 50 individual systems and allows the systems to link to third party energy meters.
MelcoBEMS is fully compatible with Cylon; Satchwell; Creston; Invensys: Interactive Homes; North BT; Andover; Siemens; WEMS; Andover Controls; York BMS; Siemens; Priva Building Intelligence; Delta Controls; RDM.
In addition to full control, the unit can also monitor indoor daily and monthly kWh when used in conjunction with an EB-50A controller and PAC-YG60MCA pulse meter interface.
“We realise that in order for our customers to get the best performance out of both their systems and their buildings, they need to find ways of getting different parts of the building services to communicate with each other,” explains Sebastien Desmottes, Product Marketing Manager for the company’s air conditioning systems.
“This will become increasingly important as building operators look at ways of monitoring and reducing energy use to meet the increasingly tough environmental requirements such as energy labelling.”
Legislation such as Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, are forcing attention on energy use within our buildings as never before and the situation is only going to get stricter as the Government looks for ways to meet the country’s carbon reduction targets.
“At Mitsubishi Electric we realise the important role that air conditioning can play in keeping the indoor environment comfortable but we also understand that the more different building services can talk to each other, the more energy that can potentially be saved,” added Desmottes.