The latest free CPD-Accredited guide from Mitsubishi Electric looks at the unique approach to heating and hot water provision that is needed for the new homes that the nation needs to build to match demand.

There is a significant drive from all sectors, including Government to revitalise the new homes sector of the UK, but in these days of environmental concerns, we need to look at different ways of supplying these homes as energy efficiently as possible.

The guide looks at the increasingly stringent standards on energy efficiency and air tightness that have to be met to ensure the UK is able to meet stringent emissions reduction targets, as buildings account for 44 per cent of all UK CO2emissions - more than industry or transport.

Building hundreds of thousands of new houses therefore represents a golden opportunity to change the way we heat and provide hot water in our homes – which are major energy users. 

New homes have different heating and hot water requirements from previous generations and the guide explores how the approach to domestic heating has to change, especially as hot water becomes the dominant load.