The latest free CPD-Accredited guide from Mitsubishi Electric looks at the challenges faced by our built environment due to increasing legislation, the drive for energy efficiency and the need to reduce CO2 emissions.

In much the same way that the automotive industry is adopting hybrid technology to power vehicles in the face of changing legislation and rising fuel costs, so too the building services sector is beginning to find new ways to heat, cool and ventilate our increasingly airtight buildings.

What’s needed is an approach that combines the very best of traditional 4-pipe Chiller systems with the efficiencies and flexibility of 2-pipe VRF (variable refrigerant flow) air conditioning.

This free guide looks at the pros and cons of existing options whilst examining alternatives such as the innovative Hybrid VRF system which removes the need for leak detection by using water instead of refrigerant in occupied spaces.

To download a copy of the Guide to the Future of Air Conditioning – Hybrid Technologies, visit the company’s dedicated digital library​.