One of the UK’s leading air conditioning companies has just installed the latest wall-mounted system in its Cheshire offices to showcase the future to its customers.

Coolair Equipment Limited has specifically chosen the new M Series MSZ-LN R32 air conditioning for its Dunkinfield office to highlight the change in refrigerants now being offered to UK customers and the significant advantages this can bring.

“The existing split heat pump system in our manager’s office had come to the end of its life, so we chose the perfect replacement: with this stylish unit which also shows off the full benefits of the new refrigerant in a fantastic stylish unit”, explained Steve Valentine, Regional Director of Coolair Equipment.

Coolair has more than 30-years’ experience in the industry and has worked closely with Mitsubishi Electric as one of its largest customers.

The M-Series MSZ-LN wall mounted split system is the first in Mitsubishi Electric’s UK line-up to use R32 refrigerant which has a low global warming potential (GWP) of 675 – less than one third of the most popular refrigerant, R410A. 

Following recent changes in legislation, R32 refrigerant is expected to swiftly become the standard for split type air conditioning systems.

In March 2014, European Parliament passed the 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation legislation with the key objective of reducing F-Gas emissions by 79% between 2015 and 2030. The overall aim is to cut availability of hydrofluorocarbons with a high GWP. R32 makes up 50% of the existing R410A refrigerant found in many current systems. In addition, the volumetric capacity of R32 is around 20% higher than R410A, meaning system refrigerant volumes are lower.

Going forward, R32 will play a huge role in helping to reduce the environmental impact from air conditioning systems, heat pumps and refrigeration. What’s more, it’s also easier to reuse and recycle as it’s a single component refrigerant. 

“This new unit gives us a cost-effective method of future proofing our air conditioning systems at Coolair House,” adds Mr Valentine.  “In addition to delivering high performance with a lower GWP, the 3.5kw unit also includes automatic room sensor technology and Wi–Fi control as standard and it was easy to connect to our existing controls which is important to us.”

The new M-Series models have a built-in Wi-Fi interface which enables full control and monitoring via the company’s MELCloud App. The sophisticated 3D i-see sensor within the unit also automatically monitors room occupancy, position and body temperatures to deliver customised comfort.