Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new brochure focusing on the market-leading range of Ecodan renewable heating systems and highlighting how individual businesses and premise owners can benefit.
The brochure focuses on how Ecodan heat pumps can provide a highly efficient alternative to traditional gas and oil heating and demonstrates the financial and carbon-saving benefits of incorporating an Ecodan system into a property.
“With government legislation forcing attention on energy use and efficiency in our buildings, there has never been a better time to consider renewable heating and we have produced this brochure to make the case for heat pumps”, explains Graham Temple, Marketing Manager for the company’s Heating Division.
In addition to details on the full range of air source heat pumps, which can offer renewable heating from 4kW all the way up to 688kW, the brochure focuses on the new Ecodan CRHV monobloc ground/water source system which provides multiple unit cascade control of up to 960kW capacity.
The CRHV heat pump can use renewable heat energy from rivers and lakes, aquifers, bore holes, slinky systems and even take waste heat from industrial processes to increase both comfort levels and efficiency within the building.
Rising energy costs mean that the search is on for a more sustainable form of commercial heating and the brochure highlights how Ecodan systems can reduce business costs and generate regular quarterly payments via the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is designed to encourage the use of renewable energy.
Ideal for the UK’s temperate climate, Ecodan delivers reliable, renewable heating whatever the weather and can offer running cost savings over oil, LPG and biomass for space and water heating.