Heat pump manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has just released a short animation which explains the new approach to heating and hot water provision now available from the latest addition to the Ecodan range of air source heat pumps.

As the nation looks to build new homes to meet demand, the hot water requirements of these houses requires a different approach, to help reduce emissions whilst delivering warm and cosy places for people to live.

Buildings account for 44 per cent of all UK CO2 emissions (more than industry or transport) and space heating and hot water account for almost 75 per cent of total energy consumed in homes.

Yet the balance between hot water and heating is different in new built properties is different from older homes because of a reduction in fabric U-values and thermal bridging, which reduces the energy requirements for heating and makes hot water the dominant load.

The animation explains how the new 4kW Ecodan QUHZ unit works to efficiently match the hot water requirements, whilst still meeting the lower heating demand of today’s well insulated properties.