Benefits to becoming a DQP

Highest Level of Endorsement

The DQP status is recognition of a Partners alignment with Mitsubishi Electric’s standards and commitment to excellence

Independent Audits Validate DQP Expertise

Every DQP will have their installations and systems checked and validated by independent experts

Opportunity for Business Growth

As Mitsubishi Electric grows its UK operation, engaging with end-user customers of every size, DQPs will be recommended as a priority as highlighted on our Installer Finder tool

Privileged Access to Advanced Tools

DQPs have access to the range of advanced systems, including the Monitor Tool that Mitsubishi Electric use to optimise system design and performance

Extended 10 Year Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer of extended system warranty. All DQPs will be supported by a 10 Year Warranty on all air conditioning systems

Be a cut above the rest

For more than a decade, partners have aligned with us on one of two levels: Accredited Installer (AI) or a Business Solutions Partner (BSP). In the quest to raise industry standards and drive the opportunity for mutual growth, we are proud to launch our new, highest status - Diamond Quality Partner (DQP).

In doing so, we take partnering to the next level to achieve unrivalled industry excellence. Designed to offer significant benefit to Diamond Quality Partners and their customers alike, this level requires serious commitment from those seeking the highest recognition and reward.

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Raising industry standards

Only those committed to excellence can achieve Diamond Quality Partner status.

The focus of our Partner Programme is to ensure the highest possible standards in both the supply of equipment and the design and installation workmanship across the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling industry. The primary principle of the Diamond Quality Partner status is excellence.

The scheme is open to any company, regardless of size and whatever their spend. Only those companies keen to align themselves with a leading manufacturer and able to meet the exacting standards can apply for Diamond Quality Partner status.

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A distinct advantage

Partnering with Mitsubishi Electric gives Diamond Quality Partners a distinct advantage.

Those achieving Diamond Quality Partner status prove to be a cut above and stand to benefit from the highest level of endorsement and support that Mitsubishi Electric can offer.

Through our acclaimed Partner Programme we focus on constantly raising standards to maximise mutual opportunity for growth. The fundamental ways we help strengthen our DQPs proposition, giving them a competitive edge, can be summed up in three words: Growth, Trust and Support.


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A mark of excellence

Independent audits are a mark of excellence for our Diamond Quality Partners. A good independent audit will validate professional design and installation and prove to be an excellent sales tool for Diamond Quality Partners to use to their advantage. DQPs can use copies of the audit to promote their credibility to prospective customers.

Likewise, Mitsubishi Electric sales and marketing teams can refer every DQP with confidence. In this respect an audit is an official inspection of a Diamond Quality Partners installation, which is carried out by an independent expert.

Once audited, every DQP will have proof of their excellence to effectively promote themselves to prospective customers.

For prospective customers who are looking to choose a Diamond Quality Partner, they can expect to receive a level of installation and service support that is of the highest industry standard. DQPs can be selected via our Installer Finder tool where they are highlighted as the elite choice.

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