A foreword by Dave Archer, Business Manager – M&E Contractor Sales Team

Decarbonisation and the built environment - An insight for M&E contractors

Fossil fuel heating and hot water systems account for 40% of UK carbon emissions. Decarbonising our heat is one of the most important steps we must take to achieve Net Zero.

M&E contractors are at the forefront of the low-carbon heating revolution. By advising clients and customers, you can help to reduce our reliance on gas and oil for heating and hot water.

In 2023, renewable electricity generation increased to 44.5%, outpacing fossil fuel share for the fourth quarter. The growing use of renewables such as wind, solar and biomass means that electric heating in the form of heat pumps is one of the best alternatives. M&E contractors can take the lead in helping customers in all sectors understand how they can make the most of this technology.

The government is supporting heat decarbonisation with grants. One example is the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS, also known as the Salix Scheme). This offers financial support to public sector organisations to switch to low-carbon heating systems in buildings such as schools, universities, council sports facilities and NHS hospitals.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are already being used across thousands of homes, offices, schools and universities. One recent example is Salford Civic Centre, where older gas and oil boilers were replaced with Mitsubishi Electric CAHV heat pumps to provide space heating and DHW.  

M&E contractors can grasp the opportunities of decarbonisation by understanding the legislation. objectives and technologies behind this national programme. Mitsubishi Electric has put together this information pack to explain some of the key concepts around low-carbon heat. Our aim is to provide a resource and to open a conversation about how we can work together to deliver buildings for a better, low-carbon future.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank those who contributed to the information, including customers who gave us permission to case study a selection of projects.

An insight into decarbonisation

The UK must decarbonise space heating and hot water production in all buildings to meet its 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. So how can we achieve this, and what technology is available to do this in the most energy efficient way possible?

This CPD guide covers the UK Heat & Buildings Strategy, the future of decarbonised heat across the UK, and highlights potential solutions.

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An Insight into decarbonising the healthcare sector

In the UK buildings account for over 40% of our energy consumption and carbon emissions. With carbon-intensive gas and oil now officially on the way out, there’s a whole range of cost-effective electrical HVAC systems available right now that can decarbonise heating, whilst delivering high performance and modern levels of comfort.

With government grants such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, sectors such as healthcare are at the forefront of the decarbonisation of the built environment and this guide supports M&E Contractors in helping their customers lower their overall emissions. 

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An Insight into decarbonising schools

Another sector which is eligible for the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme is education, with universities and schools leading the way in removing gas from their sites.

This guide explores heat pump technology and its suitability for educational buildings, offices and gymnasiums is highlighted, along with energy efficient ventilation and more.

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Decarbonisation Solutions

CAHV R Right View transparent

Ecodan CAHV-R Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

This new Mitsubishi Electric air source heat pump uses low GWP R454C refrigerant, offering a robust, low carbon system for the provision of sanitary hot water and space heating

MECH iS MEHP iS transparent

MECH-iS-G07 / MEHP-iS-G07 Modular Chiller

The MECH-iS-G07 and MEHP-iS-G07 are the new Mitsubishi Electric chiller and heat pump ranges manufactured to the highest standard quality and features. Suitable for a range of different applications, from comfort to industrial and even IT cooling processes.


Ecodan QAHV Commercial Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

Specifically designed for commercial sanitary hot water application, the Ecodan QAHV CO2 system delivers hot water up to 90 degrees Centigrade to provide a low carbon solution for hospitals, hotels, leisure centres and student accommodation.