The Benefits to the Retail Sector

Our Knowledge

We have a dedicated Corporate Solutions team who have created a range of documents to keep you informed of any changes in legislation, new product features or simple industry information. We also run advisory seminars and training tailored to suit the requirements of the retail sector.

Our Technology

We have a range of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment that meets the essential requirements of a wide range of retail buildings. These all include reliability and innovation as standard, whilst providing a comfortable environment and helping the building and its operators to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.

Simple & Easy Maintenance

Innovative product developments such as easy lowering grilles help keep your equipment performing to its optimum capability. We have also developed comprehensive service and maintenance programmes to ensure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency throughout its lifecycle.

Dedicated interfaces for efficient control

We have dedicated centralised controllers designed for energy efficient control of our HVAC systems. Our advanced range can also control third-party equipment such as lighting and alarms, allowing for easy, advance saving and energy metering across the whole building. With our Remote Monitoring Interfaces, you can also control and monitor all systems via a PC or smart device.

A Perfect Match

Working with the industry

We understand that retail has two parallel challenges: providing customers with a comfortable shopping experience and, simultaneously, meeting today’s carbon reduction and energy efficiency requirements. We are here to offer you a range of solutions that can support you every step of the way.

We have been working in partnership with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) as a contributor on the Climate Action Roadmap Pathway 2, which aims to help retailers to operate efficient sites powered by renewable energy.

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HVAC solutions to ventilate your store

Without effective ventilation, internal spaces can quickly become stale and polluted. Poor air quality can also lead to a build-up of mould and rot harming the fabric of your building. Our range of ventilation products have been designed to deliver fresh air supply to a building whilst simultaneously extracting stale air in the most energy efficient manner possible.

We also offer advanced air curtains which enable shops to adopt and open-door policy whilst retaining indoor temperatures and stopping external pollutants.

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HVAC solutions for heating your store

Rising energy bills, the need to reduce carbon emissions and the raft of challenging legislation are driving the demand for alternative forms of heating to improve energy efficiency.

We have used our expertise and pivotal technology to develop renewable solutions to address these issues head on, with our advanced range of commercial Ecodan air source heat pumps to provide sanitary hot water up to 90ºC, whilst lowering running costs and reducing carbon footprints.

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HVAC solutions to cool your store

As UK market leaders, we pride ourselves in providing high performance and competitive air conditioning and chiller systems with low running costs.

Our innovative solutions use modern refrigerants with lower global warming potential right across the entire range.

In addition, our advanced range of controllers can monitor and report on anything from an individual outlet to a global network.

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The perfect environment to attract customers

Significant increases in customer footfall have been noted in shops that have air conditioning installed, and with today’s retail challenges, creating the right internal environment has never been more important.

Our advanced range of cooling, heating and ventilation systems cater for the varying needs of the retail sector. As well as providing the highest possible efficiency, our systems boast optimum control and flexibility, providing the perfect solution for all retail outlets.

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Decarbonisation and the road to Net Zero

In conjunction with the BRC, we have produced a step-by-step guide to energy efficiency and carbon reduction in the retail industry. This includes the five steps that any retailer can take to start making an impact – regardless of size.

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Our Partnerships

Suggested products for retail applications

R32 heat recovery MEUK product

R2 Series High Efficiency Heat Recovery (YNW)

R32 VRF heat recovery outdoor units available from 22-34kW, compliment the widest range of innovative VRF solutions available on the market. They deliver lower GWP solutions and offer customers the ability to use one single refrigerant across a complete building or an entire network.

VRF system for installation

HP-DX 2.0 R32 Power Inverter Heat Pump

The HP DX 2.0 air curtain range is the latest innovation from the collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric and Thermoscreens. These R32 / R410A dual refrigerant split air curtains are available as exposed or recessed versions, giving exceptional flexibility for commercial over door applications such as retail stores, office and hotel lobbies.

A/C unit for ceiling suspension with R32 technology

SLZ-M R32 Inverter Heat Pump (Single Phase)

The SLZ-M cassette unit provides the smart solution to comfortable and efficient air conditioning. It combines a stylish square design slimline grille with the latest energy-saving technologies and is designed to fit snugly to ceilings making it ideal in both offices and retail.

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