5 bedroom home situated in Essex

11kW Ecodan works with the existing gas boiler

£2000 previous paid per year on heating bills

The Challenge

Heating a large 5-bed family home was costing the family around £2,000 a year with a gas boiler, so the owners wanted a renewable system that could also earn payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Shenfield House Case Study

The Requirements

The renewable system had to be able to work independently of the existing gas boiler and also utilise the existing radiators to minimise cost and disruption.

Ecodan unit in home

The Solution

An 11.2kW Ecodan air source heat pump has significantly cut the running costs and the owners have found the heat much more balanced.

Ecodan Controller

Their previous heating bills were £2,000 per year, and now with the air source heat pump installed they are looking at around £400.


Products Used

Ecodan air source heat pump

Ecodan MELCloud app for handheld device


MELCloud Wi-Fi enabled controller

The Ecodan FTC5 controller includes intelligent room temperature control as standard